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Speak Your Truth

Free yourself from your past

Quote by Ann Landers

There isn’t one person who never lied in life before. We are spiritual beings living a human experience after all. It starts from white lies to small lies to bigger lies. I’ve seen so many movies, read books, and observed my own journey and that of others that sometimes, lies after lies becomes a habit. Sometimes it becomes out of control. It becomes a facade.

Why do we lie anyway? We lie to protect ourself, to feel like we belong, to feel part of a cool group, to avoid the truth, to hurt another, to defend ourself, to hide a guilty conscience, shame, ego, unhealed shadows, personal upbringing, peer pressure, bad influences, and sometimes blackmail. Sometimes, it becomes uncontrollable. It can transform to deception, manipulation, and exploitation. There are multitude of ways why we choose to lie. Sometimes lies are easier than facing the truth. We ALL are guilty of this. Whether we are fully aware and conscious of it or not.

I believe we ALL are created good and are capable of choosing to do what is right. Regardless of how difficult or ugly the past might have been. What we choose to do moving forward is what defines who we become. Reflecting back to my own journey, I have attracted many deceptive and abusive people like every other person on the planet. And it brought me gratitude. Gratitude to know pain and suffering so I could understand human emotions better. So I could relate to those who lived through similar experiences, and perhaps guide them through it. So I could extend compassion and practice forgiveness and acceptance for myself first and foremost so we can extend it to others. It brought me faith and strength. It tested my character and integrity, my truth. I believe every ugly situation is meant to bring us closer to love. Love of ourself, our higher self, and of others. That’s ultimately who we are, love.

Nothing is ever solved with lies or can remain hidden with it either. We can live with lies all we want; but sooner or later, our higher self, our soul will call us back to love, to the truth. I’m merely sharing my experience for those who might need to read it. For anyone struggling with their truth. There’s nothing shameful in admitting the truth of our own story, regardless of how others might see us. It is only when I’ve accepted the truth about my past that I have set my soul free. Free to create a brand new beginning. I know and I believe we ALL can.

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Speak Your Truth
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