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M R Brittona month ago
And What We Forget
Paige Graffundera month ago
A Love More Inclusive
I would like to preface this, with the understanding that I am in no way trying to put down romantic love. Romantic love is magical, and wonderful, and when reciprocated in a healthy way, can be very ...
Jess O’Brien2 months ago
Nathan's Story
Nathan’s room was blue, but it isn’t anymore. We used to draw all over his walls—impossible triangles, strange faces, intricate patterns. We’d planned to cover the ceiling, too. We would sing Beatles ...
Marianna Draws2 months ago
Surviving Your Married Friends When You're the Last Single Person in Your Group
Getting older now, tick tock! Time is marching on! Is the shelf getting dusty? Of course, nothing can get worse than being the last single person left in your group!
Verona Jones3 months ago
The Origin of Valentine's Day
I love history almost as much as I love the paranormal. I love learning about the origins of the holidays we celebrate. To understand the "whys." We celebrate specific days of the year without always ...
Jenn Melon4 months ago
What Do You Think About These Valentine’s Day Traditions?
Before I begin, if you would like to participate in these polls, I post these very often on my Instagram stories, @JennMelon. Feel free to be involved! Also tips are always appreciated—they go towards...
Samantha Bentley4 months ago
How to Find Your Soulmate
The word 'soulmate' has so much pressure attached to it. Think about the weight of that title. Soul Mate. Someone who is, essentially, the person you believe to be eternally bonded to your own soul… q...
Judy Mae4 months ago
I Rented Myself Out for a Day
How does it feel to “rent” yourself out for a day? What does that even mean? Well, this concept of “renting” myself out was completely outlandish and has never crossed my mind until a month ago where ...
Alyssa Cross4 months ago
How to Survive a Hard Relationship
The prince sweeps in on the white stallion as the maiden runs out of the chateau, with her perfect blond hair blowing in the breeze. They have found each other and now will ride off into the sunset fo...