Starting a New Year

Two Girls' Unforgettable Night

There were three of us. Just me, my best friend, and her. It was New Years Eve and my boyfriend and I had broken up the night before, so I wanted to be home but not alone. They both were able to come to my little impromptu party, and over they came. A couple hours later my best friend had to go home. 

This caused her and I to be alone in my house, making conversation for it not to be an awkward silence. Over the past few months the two of us had gotten closer, but not as close as I'd like. But as we sat, talking, just the two of us, we subconsciously moved to sit right in front of each other, our knees in between the other's. In the midst of us just sitting there, I got to stare at her gorgeous two toned hair. The perfect blending of black fading to brown, all under the short wisps of white turning yellow. Time had flown by and before we knew it, it was 11:59. The countdown had begun. 

10... we moved to sit even closer, 9... she grazed my hand that was sitting on my lap, 8... I spread my fingers as her's slipped in between them, 7... she gently squeezed my hand, 6... I blushed, 5... she laid her head on my shoulder, 4... she looked up at me with those gorgeous blue green eyes, 3... she lifted her head keeping eye contact, 2... she leaned her head towards mine, as I did the same, 1... our lips touched as we entered the new year. 

Our first kiss, my first same sex kiss, our first New Years kiss. The fireworks in the sky didn't dare compete with the fireworks happening right then and there between the two of us. And so, a couple minutes later, the kiss had to end. Luckily, her parents said that she could spend the night if she wanted and she decided to stay. 

After cleaning up the mess downstairs from all the food and drinks we had, we went upstairs and went to bed. She laid down and I laid down next to her, but after sitting so close and that kiss, it was too far. I cuddled up to her and rested my head on her shoulder, her arm wrapped around me. It was so comfortable that I fell asleep in almost an instant. But before I passed over to dreamland I felt her hand move across my face, moving my hair away, revealing a smile. Then she leaned down and kissed my forehead to cause a blush before falling asleep in her arms. 

In the morning, I felt a squeeze around me and so I squeaked and opened my eyes to look up at her, confirming that last night wasn't a cruel dream. 

"Good morning," I hear her whisper. 

"Good morning," I say back, sending a smile up her way. What she did next surprised me: she asked me if I would be her girlfriend. 

Because I had liked her for a few months, I answered, "Yes." She let out her breath like she had been nervous and she smiled and leaned down to kiss me again. This kiss only lasted about a minute before I remembered something quite important. 

When I pulled away, I looked up at her and smiled, saying "Happy Birthday, and Happy New Year." I then pecked her cute little nose, causing her to smile more, reaching the limit of her smiles. I don't think there could have been a better way to enter the new year.

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Kayla C.
Kayla C.

Hi! I'm a student at UT Dallas studying psychology. I've always found a knack for writing and so I'm going to be posting things I like to write (usually romance stuff). 

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