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Surviving Single Life During the Holidays

Combatting Lonliness During the Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us. Meeting with family and gathering around friends and loved ones that are in happy relationships or marriages can enhance the cons and negativity associated with being single. Seeing people that are in happy relationships and viewing couples on dates during the holiday season can do quite a number on your self-esteem and your mindset during the holidays. Don't worry. You aren't in the boat by yourself. Studies have shown that the greatest worry for people around the holiday season is being alone or single.

While it is awesome to have that special someone in your life, it is also great to embrace your singleness this holiday season. Stop worrying about finding that special someone and focus your energies on other aspects of your life. Here are some steps that will help you make it while single during the holidays.

1. Plan Gatherings with Other Single Friends

This year, plan gatherings with people in your circle that are also single. You can all go to karaoke, go see a movie, go bowling, or even go Christmas caroling together. Being with friends and sharing special moments with friends while not talking about relationships or the lack thereof will help you a great deal. You will be more contented and your friends will be thankful for the time spent sharing the holidays with people that you all love.

2. Volunteer in Your Community.

Volunteering at local charities, holiday events, even with local shelters will help you be a part of something greater than yourself. Helping others that may have a challenging holiday due to life's struggles and life's circumstances, will help you take the focus away from your single life and allow you to make someone else's holiday a little bit brighter. Volunteering can also boost your self-confidence and provide more zest in your life.

3. Plan Out Thoughtful Gifts

Examining the gifts that you would like to give to friends or family will help you focus on making the holiday spirit bright, not only for you and your family. Don't be afraid to inquire what a friend, loved one, or associate would like for Christmas. Give some gifts with meaning. This will mean a lot to the recipients of those gifts.

4. Try Something New.

Don't be afraid to try something that you wouldn't ordinarily do. If you're more of a bowling type, then try some karaoke. If you typically don't do open mic nights, try an open mic night or try a poetry night. This may just peak your interest into a whole new discovery of something that you may enjoy. Try reading the latest James Patterson novel that has been collecting dust on your coffee table.

5. Laugh Your Butt Off

Try laughing at you tripping up with friends at your favorite comedy movie. Try even laughing at memes and videos online. They say that laughter is the best medicine. It could very well help you focus on the joy of life and help you feel a whole lot better.

6. Get a Gym Membership

This is pretty much self-explanatory. Exercising will cause you to focus on a healthier you and give you something to fill up that idle time that you would normally spend alone. Exercise is a great way to release tension. Get those endorphins going.

7. Watch Your Favorite Movies

Alone. From experience, watching your favorite movies can help ease a lot of tension. If your ex or former lover did not enjoy your favorite films or you reciting each line word for word, then this is a perfect time to enjoy your favorite guilty pleasure. Put on your favorite pair of pajamas, grab a glass of wine or cocoa, and let the good times roll.

8. Decline Invitations That Will Make You Feel Awkward

You may receive invitations to gatherings with friends and other associates. One would recommend that you ask "will I be the only single person there." It is perfectly fine to admit that you may not be comfortable in the setting and politely declining the invitation. Simply stating "I don't feel comfortable in such a setting at this time, but I do send my regards," will be of great help. Your friend should be able to understand. Asking questions about the gathering will give you an idea if it is an environment that you should be a part of or not.

9. Set Boundaries with Your Family

It is a known fact that family will pry as to why you are single. They are only concerned because they love you. Do not be afraid to say "Mom and Dad, I am fine. I can take care of myself without the help of a partner right now. I do not want to rush into a relationship. Please give me time to enjoy my alone time." This will help end the misconception that one must be married or paired with someone in order to have the perfect holiday.

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Surviving Single Life During the Holidays
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