Ashanti Starr
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Sweet Dreaming

Meeting the Man of My Dreams

Sweet Dreaming

Have you ever had a dream that felt just as real as reality? Like you magically slipped into an alternate universe that functions and runs on its own time, checks and balances and you lose track of everything? Well that’s what happened to me, my sister believes there’s more than one dimension and the link between them is thinner and easier to cross while dreaming. I wasn’t sure how true her theory was until this happened.

Like any other night I got my self ready for bed and after vigorously staring at the wall for god knows how long I drifted off to sleep, only to find myself waking up in the arms of a gorgeous man in an even more beautiful house. Now, I’m not sure how anyone else would react but I was both amazed and terrified because this man was both beautiful and a total mystery to me. After scaring myself half to death, I slowly crept out of bed to survey this nicely furnished loft and while I was creeping out I noticed my sister in the kitchen knitting (to know her is to know she holds no creative ability so this part was beyond me). With all inquisition plastered on my face I asked her who the man was; genuinely not knowing what was going on, she just looked at me for a second before laughing in my face and questioning my intelligence. It took a while to convince her that there was no game being played; I had honestly never seen this man a day in my life and I honestly didn’t know anyone like him ever truly existed. So she put some coffee on and she let out a sigh of disappointment before telling me about how that beautifully mysterious man was mine and how much we both loved each other; which seemed to cue him walking into the kitchen and wrapping his arms around me. I sound completely unreal but in this dream & in his arms, I felt something come over me that made me. Never in my waking life had I felt so warm and protected, I could even go so far as to say I’ve never felt as secure or loved before... Apparently this man was a manifestation of everything I could ever dream of (while currently dreaming). He was absolutely breathtaking, as the cliche says; he was tall, dark and handsome and incredibly fit. I remember him in his entirety, though I couldn’t clearly see his face and his name never seemed to come up (because obviously I’d hunt the real him down on Facebook). Alas, the day progressed and I continued ogling at this mysterious man and he continued to make my heart melt. We took a cooking class (because obviously my dream man can cook) where we encountered one of his exes who tried to make me feel inferior but he wouldn’t allow it. My dream guy had managed to do everything so perfectly after convincing myself that I knew him and that I loved him too & how ready I was to be happy with such a beautifully mature individual we both went to bed... where I woke up in my normal bed, back at home full of disappointment. I’m quite sure there’s some reasonable symbolism that could explain why this dream in particular was so realistic but until further notice I’m just going to believe that I’m happily married in another dimension and take that as a sign that there’s hope for me in this one.

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Sweet Dreaming
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