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Keane Neal-Riquier2 months ago
Defining Relationships
One of the hardest things to accept in life is the fact that everyone who walks into your life plays a role. This role is specific to them, and you really don’t have much choice over what role they pl...
amanda mollett2 months ago
Excuses Are like Assholes
They say that excuses are like ass holes. Everyone has got them. Maybe you did not write a letter because you had no stamps. Or maybe you did not call because you did not have enough time. Maybe you d...
Holly M2 months ago
How to Date a Gemini
Similar to every zodiac sign, Gemini is a one of a kind sign. They are truly interesting people with their fair share of good and bad traits. So, it's pretty fun to look at Geminis from a romantic per...
Raurie Fanning2 months ago
Being in Love with a Narcissist
They are really good at emulating human emotions.
CosCom Writers2 months ago
What Are the Right Things to Tell a Girl by SMS?
Many men do not know what to tell a girl by SMS, except for setting a date and time of appointment. According to many girls, the majority of men do not know what to tell them through text messages. Wh...
Abby Acevedo2 months ago
Surviving a Toxic Relationship
"Abby, if you leave, I will have no purpose to continue my miserable life..." A volcano of tears was ready to erupt out of my head as these words echoed inside me. "Will I be responsible for the death...
Paisley Hansen2 months ago
5 Ways to Improve Your Romantic Relationship
Romantic relationships are something that is extremely complicated, and also exciting and wonderful at the same time. No relationship is perfect, so it is important to keep improving yourself while al...
HowToFind .com2 months ago
10 Ways to Face Your Partner's Infidelity
To discover an infidelity in your relationship is a hard blow that leaves sequels difficult to repair and without knowing which way we must take next. Therefore, allow yourself to feel your emotions, listen to yourself, and take a breath. Facing an infidelity is possible.
Natalie Tackett2 months ago
Make Your Long Distance Relationship a Success
Meeting someone who lives overseas wasn’t something that either of us expected. Both of us wanted to find our last love, and we also knew we wouldn’t settle just so we wouldn’t have to be alone. I mad...
Keane Neal-Riquier2 months ago
How to Stop Hating Others
Just a forewarning. This is going to start off extraordinarily random, but there is a point to be made, I promise. So I was watching the television show, Lethal Weapon. They were fighting a Mexican Ca...
Ana Redding3 months ago
Relationship Advice
What is worth all the stress? What do you get as an end result when reflecting upon the past? Isn't it called the past because it is already fulfilled? The past is a sign to move on; otherwise it woul...
Woman With an Edge3 months ago
Six Ways/Steps to Deal With Difficult People
If you’re like me, you have probably had a run-in with people that either just rub you the wrong way or aren’t easy to get a long with period. And that’s okay. There are going to be times when it’s ha...
Ellie Zaie3 months ago
Relationships 101: Arguments
Sooo... a couple where both parties happen to be my friends is currently mending fences after what was a blown out argument. Now when I say this argument was blown out of proportion I mean BLOWN out o...
Indy Summers3 months ago
Tips for Motivating and Pushing Your Husband to Reach His Goals
You can find a thousand ways to reach your goals, but helping someone you love reach theirs doesn't come with a manual. We all want to see our husbands happy, and with a sense of well being. It's just...
The 8 Ways to Make Them Realize You Genuinely Care About Them
A word is a word, a sound is a sound, but what really matters are the different speeches and actions that show your intention and attention to that someone you sincerely adore. Nobody can force you to say it, but hopefully, there are plenty of other ways to prove you do care about them...
Matthew Handel3 months ago
Viewing People as Trees
When was the last time you stopped and looked at a tree? Weird question, no doubt, but hang in there with me. Most likely the last time you saw a tree, of any kind, you didn't judge the tree on its ch...
Steven Walker3 months ago
Five Ways to Bring Kissing Back into Your Relationship
It is no secret that kissing is one of the first sexual demonstrations of attraction and affection, but some research also indicates that it may be one of the ways we find a compatible mate. An Oxford...