When it comes to breakups, pain is inevitable, but Humans thinks that suffering is optional.

Kathryn Lilean hour ago
Girl in the Snowglobe
I feel raw, exposed, and numb. I told him I loved him and he smiled and walked away. I thought that saying it would let me heal but I feel like the wound just reopened, the raw skin and muscle exposed...
Dakota Shadowan hour ago
All the Things I Wish I Told Her
When laying in bed at night her face comes to mind. She is euphoria, seeing her encapsulating smile could melt your soul. She was there one second and the next she's gone. I wish I could have calmed h...
Daija Stepneyan hour ago
What a Complete Wack Job
When I started college, I thought I would never meet someone who I could picture spending the rest of my life with; until my special day arrived. I’m talking about my birthday. It was April 3rd, 2018 ...
Ember :)2 hours ago
Boyfriend Chronicles: Part 1
My first boyfriend’s name was Marcus. Our story took a lot of twists, and he's the one relationship that has the most history. I wouldn't call this story tragic...I wouldn't even really call it sad. I...
Karasu 3 hours ago
One Easy Mistake That Can End a Relationship
What more can a person want when they've found someone they can love? Not for just how beautiful they are physically, and not even for how beautiful their personality is, but for simply how beautiful ...
Michelle Schultz21 hours ago
30 Journal Entries to Self-Discovery - Day 5
Hey, Y'all! Happy day five! It's weird, right? This is weird. I've never done a daily follow along blog post. It's always been one article on one topic. So this is so weird for me. However, I'm really...
Dee Zeea day ago
My First Love
When you think of love, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Happiness? Starting a family? Butterflies in your belly? I thought all of those too. Until it nearly destroyed me as a person. ...
First Love
Love. It changes you. They say the longer time passes, the more the wounds heal, but that was not true for me. The pain may have faded slightly, but the scars still linger. They linger deep inside me ...
Arlee Maxwell2 days ago
When He Says He’s Not Ready for a Relationship
Ladies, I’m willing to bet we have all heard at some point in time from a guy these 6 words of “I’m not ready for a relationship.” Often words us women don’t look forward to or know how to take when t...
Nancy Garcia2 days ago
Take Care
They say it helps to write out how you’re feeling when you’re feeling sad. I feel like I write too much about it so it’s lost its effect on helping me cope... but here I am. The truth is, I’m sad. I d...
Thoughts After Us
I wonder if you are listening to the same songs to get over me. When I look over at the Spotify side bar, will I see that you were listening to Tash Sultana 7 minutes ago? And will I wonder where you ...
Kay Higgs2 days ago
This Is NOT a Love Story
“This is a story of boy meets girl. But you should know upfront, this is not a love story.”- 500 Days of Summer It’s been a little over a year and a half since I have been with my “ex-boyfriend” Griff...
Olivia Stark3 days ago
Love, Lust, Abuse
Acceptance, relationships—we as humans are naturally social creatures. We strive for perfection, acceptance, and love. We try to use these skills to make new friends. Sometimes this blooms into someth...
hailey clark3 days ago
It’s been at least five years. Five years since I was with you. Things ended terribly... I will admit it. I firmly believe that you were at fault. You may say different. On a surely hot day in July we...
Emily Q.4 days ago
Café De Tournesol
You remind me of so much.
Erina Kimura4 days ago
If You Love Someone, Let Them Go
It’s funny how things can turn out all in your favor; it’s funny how our feelings are just temporary. I got over the breakup situation with my ex but not my feelings of love for him. I saw him for the...
Emily Q.5 days ago
You told me to forget the taste of your love before I get trapped. But how can I forget? I have fallen so deep into this bottomless well of despair. This is not supposed to be love. You made me believ...
amanda mollett5 days ago
The Party to End All Parties
When I was first dating my boyfriend, there was a girl that was married to a guy I knew from school. So it came as a surprise when she was trying to be up my boyfriends' butt. I mean literally. This g...