When it comes to breakups, pain is inevitable, but Humans thinks that suffering is optional.

Caitie Perry20 days ago
Stalker Alert
Have you ever had a stalker? I have. Most stalkers I have had were familiar faces, unfortunately. But the upside is that I know I am safe—which isn't something most of us that are a victim of the hein...
Natalie Santana21 days ago
Mistaken Love
In the bad days, I feared myself. I feared what would happen to me if I let this continue any longer. What was I doing? Why did I believe I deserve this? What do I do next? Relationships can be a beau...
Steven Altman21 days ago
Second Place
Recently, met a woman who was pretty much what I would call "dream girl." Physically stunning, curious, extremely hard working and caring, plus tattoos. It was a range of superficial pieces I enjoyed ...
Judy Mae22 days ago
The Difference in Men’s and Women’s Mindsets After Breakup
“Guess what! I swear all my ex are getting hotter after breaking up with me!” I was meeting a guy friend of mine on a Sunday brunch to check on him after learning that he had just called it off with h...
Elayne Douglas 24 days ago
An Open Letter to My Ex-Boyfriend’s Mother
We were friends. You were dubbed “Mom Number 2” because of how loving you were, how much you cared for me. You were one of the sweetest, kindest women I had ever met, so full of grace and compassion t...
Atterrue Robbins24 days ago
How Did I Allow It to Ever Get This Far?
I don't know where to start, or even how to start. I'm sure you knew my work would begin like this. Confused and unaware... oblivious to what point I'm trying to make, or what steps I'm trying to take...
Agnes Hwangpo25 days ago
What I Learned from My Failed Relationship
Let me introduce myself. My name is Agnes and I'm a 27-year-old woman that can count on her hand how many relationships I have had. Pretty sad, right? I haven't had that much luck on relationships and...
Akyia Robinsona month ago
Little Things to Do While Dealing with a Heartbreak
So before I give you tips I’ve personally used that have helped me, I’m not at all saying all or any of these will “definitely” work for you in helping you completely get over a heartbreak. But these ...
Isabel Rodrigueza month ago
The End
I find a lot of happiness in dark skies. I think it's because they remind me of summers back home. No matter how bright the sun shined, you could always expect a storm in the middle of the day. The mi...
Being Womana month ago
Should I Be Dating My Ex?
Before you judge me and answer that question with a violent "NO," please know that I AM WEAK. With that being said, here's the juicy story... I got engaged last year to my boyfriend of one and a half ...
Debby Hansona month ago
How to Get over Your Ex
Now I understand fully the terms “forgive and forget” or “give 'em a chance” or “it happens, it’s life.” Blah blah blah, yes, we get it, but if it continues multiple times, especially if they have a h...
Mariya a month ago
What About Falling out of Love?
This very idea has been pondering around my mind for some time now. It is a complex topic to write about and candidly, it will take me more time to draw up a complete conclusion of my own but here is ...
Ciao Perlaa month ago
The Best Goodbye
Evenings became rather intriguing and so did mornings, afternoons, and every other moment spent with him as everyone loved him except for me. I eventually managed to gather enough courage and a few re...
Tiffany Downinga month ago
The Breakup Bounce Back
Whether you’ve been broken up with or you’re the one doing the breaking, you always go through an adjustment period when you become newly single. Sometimes it’s excitement or relief when letting go of...
Kathryn Parkera month ago
Letters for Myself: Part Two
To John Smith and to the Man Who Promised Me Australia
Emily Gracea month ago
Toxic Relationships
Recently, I have experienced first hand what the meaning of a toxic relationship is. There was pain, deception, heartbreak and even when the blindfold is finally lifted, and you see that person for wh...
Nia Wheata month ago
Late Night Thoughts
Was I too much of a woman? I swallowed my demons and fell for you anyways, knowing the consequences of love. I was vulnerable, attentive, engulfed in who I thought you were, only to be let down again ...
Michelle Werbecka month ago
We Were 15
Everybody has a first heartbreak. Most people experience this in high school or their first year of college. Mine was no different than that. My first sign should’ve been the way it started. Do you kn...