When it comes to breakups, pain is inevitable, but Humans thinks that suffering is optional.

P.O. Williams2 months ago
The Darker Side of Love
Our relationship started off like all amazing relationships do. We couldn't get enough of each other, counted down the seconds until we could be in each other's arms again, constantly talked about eac...
Brielle Bristol2 months ago
Moving On
Moving on is hard, y’know? People make moving on look so easy. You assume it is until you have to. I wouldn't dare put as much of myself into my last relationship if I knew then what a know now. A who...
jennyfer granados2 months ago
Come Home
It has been 18 hours since he walked out that door, he was meant to come back just like every time that we have fought. If I had known this would happen I would have never let him go, he would still b...
Hannah McInnis2 months ago
To the Boy Who Broke My Heart
To the boy who broke my heart, I spent the last of my teenage years knowing and learning to love you. The time I was supposed to spend growing and learning myself, I spent learning and loving you. For...
Kendra Bennett2 months ago
Dear Ex #1
I've decided to write open letters to each of my exes. I felt inspired to do this for two reasons: one being Ariana Grande's new single, "Thank U, Next." For those of you who have not yet heard the so...
Regina Mauro2 months ago
Love Is Not a Choice
It’s hard. Being in the middle is so hard. This feeling of staying between two fires, you can get burned so easily. I think love is so overrated. Love will tear us apart, like Joy Division said. I’ve ...
Kelsey Hayes2 months ago
Worst Breakup Ever
I decided to change names as to not destroy the already deflating ego of a diabolical cheater. I was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee when I heard a soft knock at the door. I wasn’t expecting an...
Tammy Soley2 months ago
Modern Day Fairy Tale
Oh, what a night(s)!
Lakeyia L2 months ago
Slow Heartbreak
The thing between love, hate, and heartbreak is different but it all depends on if you are in a relationship or if you are just dating and trying to see how fast things will go. Sometimes dating helps...
Mar 🌸2 months ago
As the Sister of the Guy Who Won't Call You Back
I am writing this after fighting with my brother about you. I don't know you, I don't know what you look like, I sometimes don't even know your name. He might refer to you as the bar you met him in, t...
Cassidy Kirk2 months ago
An Open Letter of Apology
Where to start, you changed me for the better and for the worst. The first thing I want to do is apologise, I'm sorry I wasn't enough and I'm sorry I wasn't ready, I was so scared of loving you that I...
Nychole Lee2 months ago
Love You to Death (Pt. 2)
Dania used her common sense and stayed on the floor until she heard the door close behind Taalib as he left. Did she really just hear him speaking to Zarina? Why was he telling her thanks and where is...
Courtney Elizabeth2 months ago
People Change
Everyone needs to feel good about themselves right? Especially when you feel like everything has been taken from you in a flash. All of your hopes and dreams are in the middle of coming true, just to ...
Lauren Oscar2 months ago
The Remains of 'Him'
It wasn’t a conventional relationship, but she had defined it as a relationship all the same. It had only been 2 weeks, 17 hours and 4 minutes since ‘he’ had last been in her life but for her it had f...
Avery Eldon2 months ago
Healing from a Broken Heart at 14
When I started middle school, months later I began dating my elementary school crush. He was cute and a little bit of nerd and I was just a little girl who wanted to feel loved, give love, and be happ...
Paige Graffunder3 months ago
Remembering the Good
When I talk about my past relationships I usually end up talking about how they ended. Despite my attempts to always go forth in all things in kindness, most of my relationships have ended badly. So i...
Alphonse 3 months ago
It Hurts
I made a fool of myself. Funny enough, she was the one who loved writing. But here I am, typing these words as my heart feels hollow. Until this day, I cannot simply understand the real reasons of why...
Living with My Ex
We met on Tinder. Neither of us were expecting a serious relationship out of our date. We went with a totally open mind and empty stomachs, looking for something different in life. And we couldn't hav...