When it comes to breakups, pain is inevitable, but Humans thinks that suffering is optional.

Donna Schramm2 years ago
Abuse at a Young Age
At the age of thirteen years old I was in an abusive relationship. It started as a secret at twelve years old; he was an older man. He was a friend of the family and at the time I thought that he was ...
FELIX Foster2 years ago
Do Not Fall for Jail House Talk
My off and on again boyfriend admitted to me on our first visit after he went to jail that he loved me and that he was sorry he had not told me how he really felt before then. He released his property...
Brooklyn Hughes2 years ago
How My First Love Is Still Ruining Everything
I remember everything about the very first moment I saw him -- really saw him. We had been in the same class all year, but for some reason, on that particular afternoon I looked over my left shoulder ...
Eva Beatrice2 years ago
Let Go.
The day I met you, I knew I would need you in my life. But I also knew I wasn't ready to let go of my previous scar, the wound was still healing and I knew I had to mend it myself, without any help, e...
Mingzhu 2 years ago
One: I Keep Myself
A story told in notebook entries
Bridget Meier2 years ago
Always On Her Toes: Chapter 1
Dance, Karli, you’re depending on this show, I thought. I sighed, waiting for the music. I was dancing Lyrical today. The song was Dancing Queen by ABBA. It was seventies week this week, so I went wit...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
Is Your Phone Ruining Your Relationship?
We have all heard at least one person we know say that they "couldn't live" without their phone. And whilst phones are very important for a lot of people, they could be doing more harm than good, part...
Alex B2 years ago
A Personal Definition of Crazy
Now I have to admit; the term 'crazy' can be misconstrued in many different ways. What is it to be considered crazy? We each have our own subjective way of deciding which person seems deserving of thi...
Super Toxic
You know those stories of crazy relationships you hear about in the news? Well, I lived one. I was with my ex Ray for 6 and a half years before we broke up. We had a rocky relationship it was up and d...
Susan McCord2 years ago
Should You Tell Your BFF that Her Boyfriend is a Douche?
Should you tell your best friend that her boyfriend is really an [email protected]? No one likes him but she doesn't know that. She thinks her boyfriend is great even though he is aggressive, controlling and abusive! Would you intervene? Should you? Whenever there is a question regarding safety or abuse with someone, (and that goes for men who are with these type of women as well) it is always important to help out your friends & family by acknowledging your concerns. Love really can be blind which makes ...
I Love You But I Do Not Like You
Have you ever met a person, family member, co-worker, friend- that person we deem as very special indeed for the dilemma their actions place us in; making us constantly choose between our love and dis...
That Day
I thought we were forever, thought once our flowers were planted, we would be strong roots in the soil, but all along we were rotting. I knew you were different, your eyes didn’t smile anymore, your h...
Susan McCord2 years ago
Dear Sybersue: My Boyfriend is Interested One Day & Not the Next!
Dear Sybersue, I am in a relationship with a guy who seems to be only half interested in me! Some days he is so amazing & loving and then other days he is so removed and distant. We have been together...
AJ Lee Young2 years ago
Furry and Feathery Children
I am a 20-year-old lesbian woman, in college, and have been in an on-again-off-again relationship with another woman. For as long as I can remember, I've always known, no matter who I was with, I want...
Maya With2 years ago
Hope Says No
Do you know that feeling when you miss someone so much, but the thought of seeing them is too surreal? You want to see them, but you wouldn't know what to do if you actually saw them? Someone so dista...
Caroline Egan2 years ago
You're Only Fooling Yourself
Lies and relationships
Erica Lindsey2 years ago
The Struggles Of Getting Over A Broken Heart
It's been over three months when I learned about my husband's infidelity, which at that time, it had happened six months prior. My world flipped upside down. The worst part? She messaged me through a ...