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Lewis Robinson23 days ago
Ways I've Learned to Keep My Relationship Romantic
Like everything else, love needs sustenance. Passionate love is deeper than sexual excitement, passionate love might be increasingly unmistakable in the previous phases of a relationship, however it i...
Paisley Hansen23 days ago
Activities to Help Couples Break out of a Rut
It's wonderful to be in a relationship. Companionship is great, having someone to care about you and love you is amazing. However, it seems that long-term relationships can sometimes go from fun and f...
Marc Sander24 days ago
A Split-Second Decision
This one takes place a little while after I had returned from seeing Jaime. As I knew would happen, Jaime and I were intimate on the weekend I went to see her. Having rethought the whole idea about wh...
Kate Eckman24 days ago
How to Attract (and Keep!) the Partner You've Been Looking For
When we experience disappointment in any relationship, especially a romantic one, it is extremely tempting to slip into the blame game, focusing on everything the other person said or did wrong. When ...
Marissa Hall25 days ago
Date Idea
Going on a date can be nerve racking, especially the first date. After all, first impressions matter and the date can determine if things go further. Many daters fall into the trap of being too impres...
Teela Hudaka month ago
What Is Monogamy?
Monogamy is the relationship style where two people are in a committed relationship. Two people are sexually committed to each other and do not engage in any sexual activities with anyone else. This i...
Sarah Fay Schaafa month ago
A Bride's Two Secrets
The first time I got married I had two dark secrets. #1 I wasn’t a virgin. #2 I was a witch. Secret number one may not be a big deal to you—but to a 19-year-old girl, raised in a Christian family unde...
Lewis Papiera month ago
I Had a Zombie Conversation
If you're a guy and have been part of the singles scene for a while, you've probably thought about what the best way to converse with women is for maximum success. Unfortunately finding the right formula is a difficult task indeed. One of the mistakes a lot of guys make is they don't have a clue how to engage women at all. Instead of using romantic images in their conversation, they talk to women as if they're one of the guys. So conversations end up devolving into protracted question and answer...
Olivia Anne Pagea month ago
For His Wife
I am the other woman; please don't cry.
Olivia Anne Pagea month ago
His Wife Did Not Find Out About Me
My phone rang, and I did not recognize the number. I did a quick google search, but it did not show me where the call came from. It was him! I knew it was him! My vibe rose instantly, I shrieked, I sm...
Teela Hudaka month ago
Should You Take Back a Cheater?
Should you ever take back a cheater? It can be really hard when someone betrays your trust, especially someone who you are particularly close to. Depending on the particulars of the situation, it may ...
Mikkie Millsa month ago
Things You Should Do for Your Girlfriend
Keeping the romance in a relationship is not something you necessarily have to buy. Many men often think this way when trying to make their girlfriend happy. They think they need to do something huge ...
Marc Sandera month ago
What About Shawna?
In the year 1995 I was 23 years old and had absolutely no career perspectives in front of me, and I made the decision to go to Job Corps to learn a trade. Although I lived in the bay area in northern ...
sydney .a month ago
My Drug
We met online. I know, how cliche. We were the typical "met online and fell in love" story. Most people don't believe the "fell in love" part, but it doesn't matter if you believe it or not. I fell in...
Tami McDonalda month ago
Dating Apps
Dating apps: Are they worth it for women in 2019?
Anonymous WI200a month ago
I can't describe how I felt. It was as if in one single night, everything bad went away. We grew something new and pure together. May 22nd, 2019. I was seeing a man I worked with at the time and had b...
Emily Christysona month ago
A Definitive Ranking of Dating Apps
Take it from me (or don’t, really it’s your call) that girl who was a part-time swiper, full –time third wheel. The girl who constantly got asked “how are you single?!” (sidenote- for what it’s worth,...
Tami McDonalda month ago
I have had men ghost me before countless times. I’ve talked to some of my friends and it seems to be happening to them as well. Why is it when you go to an online dating app, exchange phone numbers, t...