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Asherah Way2 months ago
Will She Say, I Do Two?
The ex will be coming for dinner. Well, two weeks worth of dinners to be more precise. She was a past lover of my husband and as you may, or may not know from previous posts, I am involved in a polyga...
Samantha Emma2 months ago
I'm So Sick of Pickles
Okay, so now that I’ve gotten my #pussypower rant out of the way (for now), let’s have ourselves a laugh. So, these said “men,” I have met… let me tell you a little bit about them. These guys still bu...
Samantha Emma2 months ago
I'm Not Going to Laugh at Your Stupid Jokes Anymore
I think I’m going to use my dating life as writing material. Each date is a new entry. A new topic. A new story. Every story is more raw and gritty, honest, humiliating, and comical than the next. (I’...
Tatenda Makunda2 months ago
Interracial Relationship Culture Clashes
Love is a beautiful thing, but it does come with its down sides. None the less, these can be overcome, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case for some people. The things I am specifically referring to...
Lena Bailey2 months ago
Sugar Baby/Daddy Myths
There are so many misconceptions about sugar. A lot of them are based on what people see on TV. Other myths are spread by people who think they know stuff, but they don't. People think it's easy or al...
Christina Oswald2 months ago
At First Sight (Pt. 2)
A Dating App Horror Story
Chimdi Chime2 months ago
The Craze
All male or all female boarding schools shape your mind in a certain way. The way you act may be different from your counterparts in mixed schools, all through the years of your boarding school life, ...
Getting Your Place and Your Look Ready for a Date: A Guy’s Guide
Whether you’re just getting to know someone exciting or are deeply in love with someone you’ve been with for a long time, dates are really important. Setting aside time to get to know each other and f...
Lena Bailey2 months ago
Communication in Relationships
If you talk to anyone who's been married or with their significant other for awhile, they will probably tell you that the most important thing in a relationship is communication. The biggest thing is ...
Jonathan Draper2 months ago
5 Things You Should Know About Dating Older Women
A lot of the perceptions younger guys have about dating older women are based on stereotypes or hearsay. A strong cultural image will be the sexually liberated middle-aged woman, Mrs. Robinson, brilli...
Christina Oswald2 months ago
At First Sight (Pt. 1)
A Dating App Horror Story
Desi And Confused2 months ago
Dating in the Desi World
Growing up, let’s just say I was discouraged from dating girls in high school. I think the fear my mother had was that I would end up with a white lady. I was socially awkward, insecure, shy, nerdy, a...
jahnae james2 months ago
Toxic Relationship
Hey, I'm going to try to make my story as detailed and short as possible. Please, feel free to share your opinion. My name is Jahnae and I'm from NYC. I've been with this guy for 3 years now & we're g...
Niki’s Craft2 months ago
How to Spot a Toxic Lover
Thanks, Psych2go, for this idea. Disclaimer: These are all based on my personal experiences and what I have learned while being in an abusive relationship. Not all of these behaviors may lead to an ab...
Iggy Paulsen2 months ago
How to Figure out Who Your Partner Is Cheating on You With
I remember the first time that I found out that I was the victim of a cheating boyfriend. To a point, it was one of those types of relationships that should not have ever really existed. He was my col...
Rowan Marley2 months ago
10 Signs You're His Side Piece
Cheating is not something anyone wants to deal with when they're in a relationship. Unfortunately, cheating is as old as humanity itself, and it's also extremely prevalent in today's dating scene. Stu...
Arya McCabe2 months ago
My First Time With a Girl
"Was this really going to happen?" "Is today the day?" "What if this goes wrong"; just some of the questions that were going through my head the day I slept with a girl for the first time. It was mids...