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Bridget Meier2 years ago
Maybe Sometime
"Cath, I'm not that kind of guy." I said, eyeing the woman. "Especially because Aeron is my best friend." Cath was also my best friend, but she was like one of the guys. Her girlfriend, Sabriel or Bri...
Meg Crane2 years ago
Relationships with Anxiety
I’ve completely obliterated many a relationship due to my anxiety. There’s been the sudden rage born out of feeling uncomfortable. Nausea has led me to cancel plans again and again because “I don’t fe...
AJ Lee Young2 years ago
Furry and Feathery Children
I am a 20-year-old lesbian woman, in college, and have been in an on-again-off-again relationship with another woman. For as long as I can remember, I've always known, no matter who I was with, I want...
Charlene AG2 years ago
What Are Guys' Intentions?
As a single dating woman, I often wonder what is the guy's intention? Especially when we meet for the first time. There are so many thoughts that race through my mind. I wonder, does he really like me...
How To Deal With a Stage-5 Clinger
In order to succeed socially, you have to know how to deal with difficult personality types. That's why it's crucial to learn how to deal with a Stage-5 Clinger before you actually have to do so. You ...
Deborah Alice2 years ago
The Slut Phase
The time between “uhhhh why is there hair here?” and “why does my back hurt, I’ve literally done nothing all day?” should be an era of exploration and pettiness. I personally disagree with the notion ...
Maya With2 years ago
Hope Says No
Do you know that feeling when you miss someone so much, but the thought of seeing them is too surreal? You want to see them, but you wouldn't know what to do if you actually saw them? Someone so dista...
Pierre Roustan2 years ago
The Rise of Sologamy: Marrying YOURSELF and NOT Someone Else
This is a movement only getting traction just in the past year, and even caterers are seeing the writing on the wall, a completely new demographic opening up business everywhere: single women are esse...
Caroline Egan2 years ago
You're Only Fooling Yourself
Lies and relationships
Judy Mae2 years ago
Dealing with Your Boyfriend’s Female BFF
“We are just friends”. Trust me guys, that sentence will NEVER make your girlfriend feel any bit better. If anything, it will only trigger more annoyance. Guys have female friends. That is 100% normal...
mx kade2 years ago
Why I Don't Care About My Labels, and You Shouldn't Care About Mine Either
Over the past five years, I have identified as every label from the acronym LGBTQ. When I was 13, I was convinced I was bisexual. During that year, I conflicted between identifying as a lesbian and bi...
Jasmine Davis2 years ago
It is often said, true happiness involves another person. Happiness starts with self-acceptance but self-acceptance is usually found with the help of someone else. All over the internet we see picture...
Holly colman2 years ago
Love After Baby If You Are Single
How do you feel? You must be tired, cranky, covered in baby puke and other things. Those things don't help a relationship, but they are perfectly normal. So if you are single already or want out of yo...
J.C. Marie2 years ago
Let's Talk Pride
June is Pride month. Throughout this month I have seen and shared a number of posts celebrating the month and the queer community. However, I have also seen posts against the queer community and sayin...
Samantha Steiner2 years ago
First Date Deal Breakers
The screening process to make it towards a first date can be hard enough. So, why make the screening process for the second date just as difficult? There are plenty of first date deal breakers and rea...
Charlene AG2 years ago
Act of Submitting
The act of submitting is to surrender to someone. Submission has gotten a bad name yes; some people use it to control a person or persons. I am talking about the act of couples being gentle with each ...
Sisypha Pavlova2 years ago
To Tell or Not To Tell?
His latest sexual escapade was with a married woman. She picked him up in a bar by telling him how beautiful of a man he was. She told him there will be no names exchanged, no phone numbers. Naturally...
Thea Vanessa2 years ago
White and the Slightly Darker One
What's my take on interracial relationships? In the Philippines, I grew up knowing people who weren't in love in the most romantic way. Family members viewed love not as love in itself but rather as a...