Divorce isn't an end; it's a different beginning.

Paige Kostyniuk2 years ago
Is It Just Me?
For years I sat back and blamed myself for the "Big Break Up." I had to change my life and my friends and even my career for this man. The man that promised to always love me and respect me and to nev...
Brooklyn Hughes2 years ago
The Truth About Life After An Abusive Relationship
The difficulty with the term "abusive relationship" is that it means something different to everyone, depending on his or her own experiences, the stories of people close to them, and what they've see...
Jamie Bush2 years ago
The Unmarried Divorce
Well, you certainly did not "tie the knot," and quite frankly, all those YEARS you have put in just left you here. A relationship that is ending, things to be split, but no middle man to make this tra...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
How To Tell Your Kids You Are Getting Divorced
Divorce is complicated and can be incredibly difficult to understand for anyone, but particularly young children. They don't know anything about the emotional difficulties you can face in a marriage; ...
Areej Rehan2 years ago
Divorce, a Tornado
The road to DIVORCE—a potential tornado An Asian proverb, “Eik dafa kisi rishte mei talaq ki baat chirr jaye tou wo phir hoti hi hoti hai,” (translation: once the topic of divorce is discussed in a re...
I Love You But I Do Not Like You
Have you ever met a person, family member, co-worker, friend- that person we deem as very special indeed for the dilemma their actions place us in; making us constantly choose between our love and dis...
My Goddess Among The Stars
This is my first draft here so please be kind and also don't let anything slide I would like to get better. Here we go.
Erica Lindsey2 years ago
The Struggles Of Getting Over A Broken Heart
It's been over three months when I learned about my husband's infidelity, which at that time, it had happened six months prior. My world flipped upside down. The worst part? She messaged me through a ...
David Coon III2 years ago
My Last Love
This story starts a few years ago. She caught my eye but I couldn't say a word. I spent an entire year sitting just feet from the girl of my dreams. Love at first sight. Never able to do more than shy...
Susan McCord2 years ago
Breakup Etiquette: Is There Ever a Good Way to Dump Someone or Get Dumped?
The reason so many men and women have a tough time getting over a breakup is due to the way it is handled. When someone blindsides their partner with an abrupt goodbye, it does not allow them to have ...
Emily Mariscal2 years ago
The Game
“If you could change one moment, would you?” A common question asked in various ways with millions of answers. There were many moments I wanted to change if I could. My childhood was the best it could...
Marlene Affeld2 years ago
Honey, We Need To Talk
By: Marlene Affeld Romantic relationships are one of life’s greatest sources of joy, happiness, and satisfaction, yet they can also be a source of incredible pain, sadness, and regret. Most of us grow...
Brooklyn M.2 years ago
The Art of Getting By
I do not have a monopoly on suffering. But at seventeen, I've seen my fair share of it. However, this is no sob story, nor is it my entire story. Instead, this is just another chapter of my life---unf...
Susan McCord2 years ago
Dating Advice: Are You Too Judgmental or Too Picky?
How would you describe yourself in 3 sentences?
Halliday Nelson2 years ago
Beginning Again
My life has taken a drastic turn. That was not something I was expecting to happen again at the age of 28. For the past few years, I lived as a stay-at-home wife and mother. Now, my marriage is ending...
Susan McCord2 years ago
Relationship Advice: Helping Women Get Over a Breakup Faster
In the video above Dear Sybersue discusses a topic that many women write to her about. They want to know how to get over a breakup a lot faster. Their self-esteem takes a beating and they can't seem to move on and feel good about themselves. In the post below Sybersue goes into more depth about breakups and why men seem to move on much quicker from a relationship than many women do, which allows them to bring happiness back into their lives at a faster rate. This often happens because some men d...
Rachel Thompson2 years ago
Running Away is Okay — As Long As We Come Back
Remember that 80s song 'and I ran, I ran so far away,' from A Flock of Seagulls? If you lived through the 80s, you couldn’t get away from it. I loved that song, even when I couldn’t stand it anymore. ...