Divorce isn't an end; it's a different beginning.

Marlene Affeld2 years ago
Honey, We Need To Talk
By: Marlene Affeld Romantic relationships are one of life’s greatest sources of joy, happiness, and satisfaction, yet they can also be a source of incredible pain, sadness, and regret. Most of us grow...
Brooklyn M.2 years ago
The Art of Getting By
I do not have a monopoly on suffering. But at seventeen, I've seen my fair share of it. However, this is no sob story, nor is it my entire story. Instead, this is just another chapter of my life---unf...
Susan McCord2 years ago
Dating Advice: Are You Too Judgmental or Too Picky?
How would you describe yourself in 3 sentences?
Halliday Nelson2 years ago
Beginning Again
My life has taken a drastic turn. That was not something I was expecting to happen again at the age of 28. For the past few years, I lived as a stay-at-home wife and mother. Now, my marriage is ending...
Susan McCord2 years ago
Relationship Advice: Helping Women Get Over a Breakup Faster
In the video above Dear Sybersue discusses a topic that many women write to her about. They want to know how to get over a breakup a lot faster. Their self-esteem takes a beating and they can't seem to move on and feel good about themselves. In the post below Sybersue goes into more depth about breakups and why men seem to move on much quicker from a relationship than many women do, which allows them to bring happiness back into their lives at a faster rate. This often happens because some men d...
Rachel Thompson2 years ago
Running Away is Okay — As Long As We Come Back
Remember that 80s song 'and I ran, I ran so far away,' from A Flock of Seagulls? If you lived through the 80s, you couldn’t get away from it. I loved that song, even when I couldn’t stand it anymore. ...
Liz LaPoint2 years ago
Misleading Sex and Relationship Advice Memes
“Sexual compatibility is a learned behavior in marriage, not something you can ‘test’ for.” I wish that this meme was true. There are several reasons it’s not. Where should I start? To see how absurd ...
Susan McCord2 years ago
Am I Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places?
It is sad how many men and women complain about the difficulties they have enjoying a successful dating life. Both sexes must learn how to open up and talk to each other without initial harsh judgment...
Claire Raymond2 years ago
Why Do Some People Marry Murderers?
Murderers are nasty, evil, dangerous individuals, they take innocent people's lives and often show no remorse for their actions. So what exactly is it that makes people fall in love with them? What do...
Liz LaPoint2 years ago
The "Opposite" Sex?
As I sit at my desk, sipping on a soy chai tea latte and preparing to write, I find myself thinking about all the people who believe the term feminism should be replaced with a word that's less divisi...
Settled Status
Validation by martial status.
George Gott2 years ago
Inspiring Books To Read If You’ve Been Cheated On
Only someone who's experienced being cheated on knows the pain that runs through the body and in your head. Real heartbreak makes you feel like the air has been sucked out of you and the only position...
Susan McCord2 years ago
Important Things to Think about During a Divorce or Relationship Breakup
Dealing with a breakup of a marriage or long term relationship will always be a very hurtful time but it doesn’t mean you are a failure or your life is over. There are thousands of people in the same ...
Kristine Brown2 years ago
Why We Should Never Throw Away Photos of a Road Trip Taken With an Ex
"Yeah, one day, when you're a cute little old lady with white hair, you'll be telling your grandchildren all about 'that mean bastard, ____.'" I was eighteen at the time, and hurt that my boyfriend wo...
Kristine Brown2 years ago
Asking and Explaining
We know that infidelity often results in breakups, divorces and social stigmatization. Western society has frowned upon straying from one’s intimate partner, from the widespread reproach of public fig...
KT P2 years ago
3.19, or:
It happened in slow-motion and on fast-forward. The previous floor setting like the sun, giving new light, reluctantly, mechanically, to the coming floor and the coming day. The dawn spreading out wid...
Excuses We Tell Ourselves When We are in Unhappy Relationships
Most of us have been in at least one relationship that wasn't healthy for us. It could have been an emotionally abusive relationship between you and a family member, a toxic boyfriend, or a relationsh...