Family unites us; but it's also a challenge. All about fighting to stay together, and loving every moment of it.

Alex TJ9 days ago
The Borderliner Stories
"I'm going to take the car to the service today." Those were his exact words that morning. And she remembers them precisely. In fact, they keep ringing loud and clear in her head as her coworker drive...
Tori Lynnea month ago
My Boyfriend Is Still Married
Relationships are never easy to begin with, but it's even harder when the person you are with is still married. Now, before thinking I'm the dirty mistress, hear me out. This is not the typical situat...
Serena Gavarsa month ago
Love is Beautiful
Love can be such a beautiful thing. An emotion that is so strong and passionate. An emotion that can have so many different feelings. But I am going to tell you the true meaning of love from my point....
Caitlan Newns3 months ago
The Auntie That Fate Blessed Us With
Family can come in all shapes and sizes. In this case, it was in the form of a very short but incredible lady with size three shoes but a heart bigger than most, who found us by chance and showed us m...
Katee Selsor3 months ago
It's Going to Be a Tough One, Kid
Your life is going to be a tough one. I wish that I could prepare you for it, but unfortunately, there is no real way to do that. You’re going to be a young one when your parents die, and you will liv...
Sharlene Alba3 months ago
Love Shadows: Part 7
You'd think hating someone for so long wouldn't make you feel much watching them rot on their death bed. Seeing her mother lying in a hospital bed dying, weak and helpless from her own sickness should...
Julia Barker4 months ago
November 27, 1965. The day Catherine shed her maiden name and took the one of the love of her life. Before I get into the details, let's go back. Way back. They were children when they met. Catherine ...
Bailee Schmidt4 months ago
Baby Mama Drama
You've met the man of your dreams, who loves you, who is mature and supportive of everything you do (well almost everything). You're star struck and you can't believe how lucky you are. There's just o...
Mis Understood4 months ago
Did This Really Happen?
Have you even just sat back and thought to yourself how in the hell did I get myself in this situation? Well that just happened to me. Now let me tell you how it all started. It started off like any o...
Alex Dawson-Banson5 months ago
My Home Is Not My Home Anymore
Leaving home for uni last September was the most foreign experience of not just 2017 but my life. Years ago whenever I had an argument with my mum or felt bored of my hometown I would always say "Only...
Christina Adkins5 months ago
I Do - Take Two
(Why I'm Planning a Vow Renewal/ Second Wedding in Nine Weeks)
Savannah McCain5 months ago
Ordinary Tune
Ordinary Tune There was one room he was not allowed to go into when he would return home from school. He went to a boarding school in Brighton, United Kingdom. It was called Brighton College, of cours...
Taylor Morden5 months ago
My Crazy Love Story
A few months ago, I was going through a TED talk stage (again lol) and came across one done by Leslie Morgan Steiner. She was speaking about domestic violence, and, more specifically, why abused women...
Sasha Cordero6 months ago
Instagram, Half-sisters, and Lies, Oh My!
Remember the movie The Parent Trap? Young and innocent Lindsay Lohan goes to summer camp and has a chance encounter with her twin sister she never even knew she had. A classic. While I may not be a li...
Robyn Welborne6 months ago
It is a frosty, mid-Autumn morning when I make the journey to my father’s house. We live almost a whole hour and thirty minutes apart. On the travel there, I give myself the usual pep talk about why a...
Melyna Phan6 months ago
Labrador & Shih Tzu
Dogs. They’re man’s best friend. These little creatures are adorable. They come in a variety of breeds. We have the Pit Bull (that are not a problem by the way, the owners are), the Husky, the Spaniel...
Britney Cunningham6 months ago
It Wasn't Me, It Was His Finances
For years finances have been known to be the root of many relationship troubles. It's like the big elephant in the room that seems to never go away. What's worse is that often times we as women don't ...
Crystal Burgeson6 months ago
'Stop Hitting My Mommy!'
“Stop hitting my mommy!” Those words. Those. Words. I will never forget the first time I heard those words. I can remember every single detail from that exact moment. I wish I wasn't able to. I was so...