C.S Lewis got it right: friendship is born when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one!"

sarah cay smith12 hours ago
How has it been almost a whole year since we met at college orientation? It feels like we've been through about ten years of friendship together. I am so thankful you were bold enough to give me, a st...
Maria Ayala2 days ago
Best Friends
I remember when I got my first cell phone. It was the fall of 2005. I also remember when it rang one day, while I was out for breakfast with my BFF Cortez. We were in Old Town, at a Mexican Restaurant...
Dorlene Ricks5 days ago
I Have Plenty of Friends... but No Best Friend
Ever so often, we yearn for the companionship of a good core group of besties. We've seen it on Sex in the City, Living Single, Girlfriends, and even Issa Rae's hit HBO series Insecure. Television has...
chanel West5 days ago
Little Me
I'm in my late twenties and have experienced A lot of sh*t. From losing my first and only child (another story later) to being a victim of domestic violence to my ex-husband (who is technically my act...
Anna's Botanicals
FADE IN EXT - EARLY MORNING - ANNA’S SHOPPE (CAMERA POV ON ANNA AS SHE WALKS ALONG) ANNA walks out, locks the shoppe door with the key attached to her bracelet and looks around the village as the firs...
Chimdi Chime18 days ago
It Can't Be Forced
If the screw isn't going into the hole don’t jam it in, don’t think, “just a little bit more,” NO! “Maybe I should try a different tool (for the SIXTH time),” NO! just NO, Sure when you have tried the...
Jacklyn Catherby19 days ago
Relationships. Relationships are complicated. We are always searching for something that we think will make us whole. The reality is that there are so many traits and characteristics that make up ever...
Anna's Botanicals
FADE IN INT–DAY–LEEDS COFFEE SHOP (CAMERA POV BEHIND GEORGE, OVER HIS SHOULDER, OUT THE WINDOW) GEORGE is sitting at the window table, drinking coffee, depressed, brooding over what’s happened and wha...
Lilith Desdemona22 days ago
Once Loved, Twice Broken
Where to start? I suppose the beginning is as good a place as any... To the one who was my best friend for the first few years of elementary school, my first crush: I met you in first grade. So young,...
sarah cay smith22 days ago
In recent days, I felt compelled to reassure each of my close friends about how amazing they are and how much they have impacted me. Today, we start with Carolina, a girl who is simply amazing (like i...
Pero Milicevic23 days ago
A Prom to Remember
On June 22, 2018, it was the day of my senior prom. The event started off really well with me meeting my friends, and they were in their suits, white shirts and ties, however I was the only one wearin...
jada's onlinea month ago
10 Signs You or Someone Else Is Toxic
Let go of the toxicity in your life.
Ashlyn Leidya month ago
Are Your Friends Toxic?
Nothing stinks worse than a toxic friend. But how do you know that you have one? You know, the backstabber, "always broke" friend, the Debbie Downer, or the narcissist. You get the picture. If you're ...
Mari Jadea month ago
This was a time when I realized the deeper meaning of my feelings, these realizations allowed me to flourish.
Nathonia Smitha month ago
Friendships Are Not Always Lifelong!
As much as we would like to believe it, friendship doesn’t always last a lifetime. There are times when we lose someone that we feel a connection to through ways other than death. Losing a family memb...
Marianna Drawsa month ago
Surviving Your Married Friends When You're the Last Single Person in Your Group
Getting older now, tick tock! Time is marching on! Is the shelf getting dusty? Of course, nothing can get worse than being the last single person left in your group!
Jay Williamsa month ago
"When Capricorn and Pisces form a friendship, it's a union of opposite natures attracting. Capricorn is practical and down to earth, scrupulous and possessed of a strong work ethic. Pisces is very spi...