C.S Lewis got it right: friendship is born when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one!"

Dubraska Lima2 years ago
Are We Selfish?
Being out of college made reality hit hard. While I was in High School and even in college I was always around people, always with “friends,” but when that stage of my life ended, everything was diffe...
Kristine Brown2 years ago
Asking and Explaining
We know that infidelity often results in breakups, divorces and social stigmatization. Western society has frowned upon straying from one’s intimate partner, from the widespread reproach of public fig...
Cameron Burgess2 years ago
I've Stopped Trying to Forget
I left the house at dusk and watched the bugs hover in the thick mist, illuminated like stars. Sam met me where my dad's bike was chained to a stop sign near the edge of the woods and we walked hand i...
Ben W2 years ago
The Joy of Reunions
It is a very underrated yet a very joyous feeling to be able to meet up with friends who you have not seen in a long time. It is almost like you are meeting them again for the first time or that somet...
Ben W2 years ago
Smartphones: Man’s New Best Friend?
There is no invention more prominent in today’s society than the Smartphone. It is used every day for things as simple as making a call to as complex as using an application to pinpoint your exact loc...
Mata Hari2 years ago
I Am His Mata-Hari
April 16, 2010, the winds blew cold and I couldn't settle down. It was so unlike me. It was a Saturday night about 10pm and yet I couldn't sleep. So, I got up and got dressed. I walked up to the bar a...
Rod Christiansen2 years ago
Grand Master Rod
Learning my limits was always a hard thing for me. I can remember all the way back to my youngest days how I'd always figured that "oh, that's easy. Anyone can do that. Here, let me show you." Famous ...