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Whether you're lucky in love or still searching for your soulmate, learn how to be the best partner possible.

Jenny Humble19 hours ago
DIY Temple of Love
How to make your bedroom the most desired place in your life
Maria Harrison3 days ago
How to Negotiate Your Way to a Healthy Relationship
Often, people in new relationships feel so much in love that they think their love will overcome any conflicts. Other times, couples might feel it's either too early or too late to discuss potential c...
Aceadia 16 days ago
How to Expand Your Social Circle and Make New Friends Anywhere
I think it’s very common for people to be blind. Sometimes we can get so caught up in whatever life brings, in what our habitual patterns are that we run blind to important things in our lives. One of...
Joanna Whitea month ago
80 Icebreakers for Adults
Sometimes, speaking to other people can be uncomfortable or even awkward at times and that's the last situation anyone wants to be in. When trying to start a conversation, it would help if you had som...
Teela Hudaka month ago
3 Ways to Support Sexual Assault Survivors
A sexual assault is a devastating and life-changing negative experience for almost everyone it happens to. It is a huge violation of a person. One of the hardest things about a sexual assault is that ...
Tami McDonalda month ago
Attract a Man Emotionally-Change Your Negative Messages
Before you can attract a man emotionally you must first know what an emotion is and where it comes from. Emotion is a continuous set of positive and negative experiences that are associated with a par...
Mostafij Tuhina month ago
How to Find the Classmate You Loved at School
But now it’s nothing to worry about because there are a bunch of tools at your disposal to find the classmate you loved at school. There is this Facebook, free people search directories, public record...
Alex Kotarbaa month ago
How to Deal with Toxic People
We all know those people who like to be the centre of attention. The people who are looking for reassurance or are always complaining. They're pretty much anywhere you turn; workplace, friend group, f...
Rachel Anderson2 months ago
Table Etiquette
The picture above says it all, a family sitting down for a meal but everyone except one person is glued to their cellphones. When did this become normal? When did this become acceptable? When I was yo...
Advice on Relationships
It's easy to get into a relationship. However, you need to learn the basics to keep them. That is what I am here for! It's important to keep your significant other happy if they are treating you well.
LaSharndra Clark2 months ago
Home Is What You Make It
From House To the Car
Nina Simons3 months ago
Business Career and Love Relationship—How to Find a Perfect Balance
Did you know that Australia is rapidly developing a reputation for being the home of some of the most successful and brilliant business minds? Successful and youthful business people seem to have it a...
Gordon Torkornoo4 months ago
How to Find the Perfect Partner for You
You're not actively looking for someone, but you want to be ready for when that special person comes into your life. Yet there's one thing that keeps on bugging you. "How on Earth will I know if they'...
I Roll My Eyes at 'Communicating'
I’m inspired to write this because there is an overwhelming amount of content online about how to have successful relationships, communicate, trust, blah, blah, blah. Right? ALL relationships supposed...
We Practice Our Crafts
The word “communication” is seriously over used. It plagues every relationship quote—along with “trust, love, faithfulness” etc. The thing is though—with trust, love, and faithfulness comes maturity a...
Maddie Goody4 months ago
My Top 5 Rules For Polyamory
I have been polyamorous for quite a few years now. I've yet to really encounter problems, as some do, but even so I have learned some very helpful things over time when it comes to polyamory, and what...
Reigning Women5 months ago
Our Top Two Ways to Deal with Difficult People—Reigning Women
Difficult people exist, and it sucks. You know precisely what people I'm talking about, as well. You know, the ones that seem to not only get under your skin but set up camp and hang out for a while u...
Erina Kimura8 months ago
How to Truly Get over a Breakup
If you’re having trouble getting over a breakup it can really hit you not just mentally/emotionally, but also physically. Love is like a drug, and when you’re going cold turkey you can get withdrawal ...