The letters LGBTQ are just another way of saying that Love is Love.

Nancy D3 days ago
10 Things You Are Sick of Hearing When People Find out You're Gay
I know you've heard all these a million times. There's no time or patience to explain to everyone why these questions and comments are inappropriate, so you might as well have some fun with it and sta...
Jeremy Jett7 days ago
Here’s something that I need people to understand because it’s been bothering me ever since I saw a post somewhere a few days ago. The post basically was someone saying ‘When I’m on T, promote me to t...
Jordan Allen11 days ago
My First Lesbian Relationship Pt. 4
At this point in our relationship, we weren't even together for six months yet and life events were taking its toll on both me and my fiancé. She was dealing with all of the stress from her family dra...
Shelby Hart12 days ago
"How I Managed to Get Myself Grounded from Television"
It's not uncommon for people, at some point, to question their sexual and romantic identities. Living in the middle of nowhere, just off the Bible Belt, it was a bit more common than I would have thou...
Syd West14 days ago
I Can Do This
My mind is weird. It doesn’t belong in my body. It took me until junior year of high school to recognize that disconnect and to start being myself. Instead, I tried to force my mind to fit perfectly w...
Ash Vazquez24 days ago
It Started With a Note
There I was once again at Starbucks trying to read Dracula by Brahm Stoker. I’ve been trying to finish this book since the start of the fall semester, but sadly, I was bombarded with projects, tests, ...
Jordan Allena month ago
My First Lesbian Relationship Pt. 3
*Brace yourself for an emotional story* So I believe that I left off on pt. two with my fiancee's ex texting her to wish her a Happy New Year. Like I said before, I was obviously upset over this. For ...
LP Steinbecka month ago
The LGBTQuestion: 'Who Am I?'
I knew I was different, though the only clue of a name was a chapter titled "In Amerika They Call Us Dykes" that I read when I was seven. I wasn't attracted to boys when other girls were, yet wildly c...
Jordan Allena month ago
My First Lesbian Relationship Pt. 2
Let me start by apologizing for taking so long with writing Part 2! I have been so busy with the wedding planning. Okay, so where did I leave off? I believe that it was with me bringing home my baby b...
Jordan Allena month ago
My First Lesbian Relationship Pt. 1
Well, for those of you who know me personally, you know that my fiancee is my first serious lesbian relationship. I have dated girls in the past, but they were short (and secret) relationships. I have...
Hunter Dellesa month ago
Give Them a Rainbow: An Incomplete Guide for the Average Ally
What a title! If you’re here, you might be somewhat familiar with the "sudden craze" that’s sweeping the nation. The label-filled world, the colourful alphabet soup—The LGBTQIA+. No, that’s not a key ...
Megan Ortega2 months ago
Truth or Lies?
I feel like my body goes into overdrive—an almost fight or flight response—when I'm telling a secret of some kind. Do I stay here and confess a secret that could potentially ruin a friendship or relat...
Michael Bo2 months ago
Adding "K" for "Kink" and Several Other Letters to the Acronym "LGBTQIA": A New Name for the LGBTQIA+ Community?
So recently, I found myself across Katherine Timpf's "Some Activists Want to Turn ‘LGBT’ Into ‘LGBTQQICAPF2K+’ for Inclusion" with the sincere hope that once I clicked the link the whole thing would h...
Megan Ortega2 months ago
The Same Thing
I did not believe in "love at first sight." I did not think it necessary to put so much into a relationship, and to literally give everything to another individual who could potentially take it for gr...
A. M2 months ago
Coming Out
Growing up with a very religious family, I was taught things that I absolutely don’t believe now. I hated every minute of my life being at church. I didn’t really understand why because I had some dec...
Jeff the Queen2 months ago
LGBTQIAPK+ and What It Means
Here is what LGBT+ stands for, plus some gender terms you might want to be familiar with.
Eliza Thornton2 months ago
"This is something I've wanted to say for a long time....I'm gay" I hold down the like button to change it into a heart. A smile plays on my often resting-bitch-face as I poise my fingers over the key...
Jeff the Queen2 months ago
Being LGBTQ+
So I'm bisexual, which means I like both guys and girls. I live in a Christian household and I'm closeted. My name is Ciara and this is my story.