The letters LGBTQ are just another way of saying that Love is Love.

Abi Hastings10 days ago
A Christian Advocating LGBT+ Rights
I was never told that homosexuality was a sin. I have no recollection whatsoever of that ever being outright said to me, my parents are generally circumspect in voicing their beliefs and are very gene...
Emily Gallerno12 days ago
The Unwanted Ones
Prologue I never thought I'd be the one out of my friends to do self-harm, I never thought I'd do drugs either... I couldn't bring myself to believe that I had turned out this way, from an innocent te...
J.C. Marie14 days ago
Polyamory Is Not Cheating
When I tell people that I am engaged in a polyamorous relationship, I get a wide variety of reactions. Often I hear "what does that mean?" or "I could never do that." However, perhaps most often, peop...
Gabriel Whiles14 days ago
How To Date a Trans Person
Sometimes cisgender people find themselves in a relationship with a transgender person. Often times the cis person doesn't know how to act and fucks up. So, I've decided to save some trouble for both ...
Danni Greer17 days ago
Mindful Words
Today I was at my Dad's church for service. Lots of things happened, that I don't really feel the need to go into, but one of the things done during the service was filling out this pledge with our na...
The World We Live In
For a group of people so concerned with equality we sure seem to be confused about its definition. You write petitions and organize boycotts, present legislation and walk nationwide for a universal ca...
Lizzy Arrow20 days ago
Gender Identity
Gender identity is generally found between the ages 13 and 19 years old. This is when teens are gaining new experiences, emotions, relationships, expectations and all of this can become overwhelming f...
Alex Calver20 days ago
How Being Non-Binary Almost Lost Me My Job
I've worked in hospitality for over a year now. I always found it to be one of the most diverse and open-minded work communities. I thought that I would be accepted into it without question or judgeme...
Farha Khalidi20 days ago
People Are Burgers That I Don't Want to Eat
Am I asexual or angsty? I do not know. I wanted to make it clear from the start that reading this entry isn't going to be peering into the windows of the train ride of my mind, seeing how every experi...
Virginia Gibbons25 days ago
With Her, Anything is Possible
Born in the year 1991 brought different tides into my life, I don't remember much of my younger years. Some here and there around the age of seven and eight but nothing before then and not much after....
Danni Greera month ago
They Will Know
Glancing around my office, I was shocked I had come so far. A man with my background rarely got this high on the world social ladder. Of, course if anyone found out about my real life, I'd be out of t...
Aliya Backstroma month ago
Being Gay is Exhausting
Being gay truly is exhausting. Being any kind of LGBTQ+ member can feel, at times, tiring and frustrating. Now before I go any further, I already know some (not all, but if the shoe fits...) straight ...
Nicholas Woodsa month ago
I Am Me
I am human. You look at me and you would see two arms, two legs, and two eyes. Nothing different from the person standing next to me. We may look different, such as our skin color, hair color, and eye...
May Foxa month ago
Is This Me?
You call out a name My name As you thrust deep into my heart You call out my name In the most delighted of sighs And yet I wonder... Who is this woman you call out for? I know it is my name Why does m...
Arlene Ja month ago
On the Roof
It was about two years from the time that Sherlock Holmes jumped off the roof at Bart's Hospital. I decided it was time to go back to Bart's and revisit, to put my nightmares to rest. Sherlock had bee...
Gabriel Whilesa month ago
Dating When You're Trans and Gay
As a transgender gay man, the dating pool for me is very, very limited. You have to narrow it down to men, then queer men, and then queer men who aren't transphobic, which leaves maybe 20 guys. And I ...
Gabriel Whilesa month ago
Pride 2017
This is a little late, but I wanted to post it anyway. You can check it out on my tumblr, too. I am a trans queer guy and this year I am not just celebrating pride for myself, I am celebrating for eve...