The letters LGBTQ are just another way of saying that Love is Love.

Prateek Kathial10 days ago
A Cultural Taboo
The Struggle of Being Trans and African
I was raised in a culture that believes crying and admitting you’re hurting is weakness. A culture that believes depression and other mental conditions should be frowned upon, and are unbelievably fun...
Mardoll Gatsby17 days ago
Transphobia in GameStop
I was on Twitter this morning and saw this video come up in my timeline of a trans-woman infuriated with some employees in a Gamestop store. From what I can see, she was trying to return her game, clearly frustrated with it for whatever reason. But what didn't help was that she was met with a couple people misgendering her. I’m sure there were also contributing factors to her frustration before this; however, the attention should be completely focused on the discrimination she was getting. I und...
Being Transgender in High School
This article is a transcription from an episode of the Life With Leyva podcast. If you'd like to listen along or check out other episodes, click here! Jasmine: Hey, everyone! Welcome to the Life With ...
Andreus Chiaa month ago
Fun with Flags: Pride!
What are Pride flags? Why are there so many different flags? What do the colours mean? These are some of the most common questions people often ask about pride flags. Just like sexual orientations and...
Andreus Chiaa month ago
You There, Let's Talk About Sex...ual Orientation, Shall We?
Are you gay? Bi? Straight? Looks like a simple question, doesn't it? Well, believe it or not, for many people, it can be quite difficult to answer this question. Just like our fingerprints, sexual ori...
Lilli Behom a month ago
My Coming Out
Oddly enough, I have two coming out stories. Stories of when I looked my parents in the eyes and hoped beyond all hope that they accepted what was about to come out of my mouth. The moment I got up en...
Jo' Ash2 months ago
The Twunk, The Interview, and The Closet
I'll be honest. 2018 was the year that I realised that Shawn Mendes was actually a singer. All I knew about him beforehand was that he is cute, and that he has some effeminate mannerisms. Both things ...
Shane Cook2 months ago
Ethics on Same Sex Marriage
When looking into such a controversial subject we need to understand both sides. Same sex marriage has become an increasingly debated topic in past few decades. People that are homosexual exercise the...
Lonely Allie .2 months ago
Prisoners of the "+"
They are non-binary, she is aromantic. She is pansexual, he is asexual. Together, they are the "+." Without them, the "+" cannot exist. However, it keeps them silent and invisible. Even if multiple pe...
Lonely Allie .2 months ago
The Colours of the Rainbow
As the common world becomes more and more accepting of differences of all sorts, the LGBTQ+ community is more and more accepted as a part of modern society and media. We can now watch TV shows and mov...
Katy K2 months ago
Her Love
There was a point in my life where I thought I understood how the world worked. I had a job, I was a student, and my idea of bills had contorted in a way that I believed would always fit my paycheck. ...
Leanne Warren2 months ago
Coming Out
A lot of queer people once they are out of the closet often claim, "I always knew I wasn't straight," or, "I always knew I was different." For me, this feels partially relatable. Partially. I could ne...
Carina Rose2 months ago
Love, Pride, and Honesty
Everyone has their own story. Each individual in the LGBT+ community comes out in a different way, and for some it is much easier than others. Some people have known who they are their whole life, whi...
Scarlett Choi2 months ago
Am I Bisexual? (Or Confused?)
So you're bisexual. Or you think you are. Or you've liked a few girls and a few boys and you're just not sure. Or you liked girls and you totally switched to guys but now girls... Or maybe you're even...
Candace Elizabeth2 months ago
We're in an interesting time socially and politically. Many people called it divided, but I would say that the divisions are just more visible now. Two, three, five years before, the type of conversat...
Pending ....2 months ago
Being Bi-Sexual
What It's Like to Grow Up as a Bi-Sexual Female
William Foxton2 months ago
The Other Man
Like all great stories, it begun at the party of a friend of a friend. Gabriel had been invited by James, a man of no substance, a man of complete surface. But oh, what surface he was made up of! The ...