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WatchMojo 19 days ago
Top 10 Movie Characters That Should Have Been Couples
We rooted, we cheered, we pleaded, but they still didn’t end up together. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Movie Characters That Should Have Been Couples. For this list, we’re looking at big screen characters that had great chemistry, but who weren’t endgame. They might have even been a couple for a while and it just didn’t work out. Since we’re giving away the endings, there will be huge spoilers up next. Consider yourself warned.
8 Signs that You've Met Your Soulmate
I’m sure we have all heard a friend exclaim: “I’ve met my soulmate!” (Insert eye roll here). But have you ever wondered what that really means? First off, I want to explain that a soulmate can be anyo...
Rowan Finleya month ago
INTJ Women Are Incredible!
If you have studied the MBTI personality types, then you will soon find that INTJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging) women are both amazingly rare and also highly misunderstood. INTJ woman will...
Raquel Z. Duartea month ago
21 Guys Share What Feature of a Woman They Find Most Attractive
"Collarbones." - Seth, 24 "If she has a muffin top stomach. I like it when a girl is confident in her own skin and doesn't workout hardcore to make her stomach super flat. Also, calves." - Luke, 20 "H...
Emily Grace2 months ago
15 Cheap Date Ideas
Whether you and your partner have just started dating or you have been going out for a while, going on dates is an important part of any relationship. However, at some point, we all face restrictions ...
Kameron Drouillard3 months ago
Ever since I've been a kid, I was always told I was too sensitive, or too emotional. I was constantly told my emotions would interfere with my ability to function, and that I would never be able to do...
Layla Elkassih4 months ago
Toxic Relationships and Why You Stay
Here are the facts, in my opinion. You're addicted (to that person) and the idea of love. You choose to see the person as the image you created in your head; you are blinded by love. You justify their...
The 10 Curious Steps of Being Smitten With Someone
Not only does it make you feel happy, but it also makes you feel powerful. Alas no, none of you is going to turn into any Marvel hero, but many of you still feel empowered. The truth is, even if you a...
14 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day
I need to admit something. I love Valentine’s Day. I don’t understand why it gets such a bad rap. Single people act like they climbed up to the treehouse just to see a “couples only” sign hanging on t...
Vans Life7 months ago
50 Shades of Cute and Inexpensive
Let's face it—all the good date ideas are either too difficult to access, or are way too expensive for couples who aren't rolling in dough to be able to do. Romance is dead, we're all going to die alo...
Madison Rheam8 months ago
12 Things to Do This Holiday Season
Here's a list of some simple things you can do with your significant other/best friend this holiday season to really put you in the holly jolly Christmas spirit...
Tajah Calderon10 months ago
My Biggest Mistakes
My biggest mistakes are the reason why I am so good at making better decisions. Mistakes are meant to teach you a lesson so you don't have to make the SAME mistakes over again.
Cherie Aveiro10 months ago
How to Know You're in an Abusive Relationship
(This post is addressing male abuse against a female victim, however abuse can happen between both genders.) YOU HAVE TO FAKE SMILE IN COUPLE PICTURES. This may sound silly but this is a sign that you...
Mya Sherre10 months ago
5 Reasons Why Relationships Don't Last
Relationships are never easy and they are never destined to last forever (for those of us that are not so lucky). We have things in our personality that we feel are great attributes to hold a long las...
Sara Leea year ago
Why I’m Afraid of Love
Yeah, I admit it. I’m scared sh-tless of love. This list made me realize so much and why I might act the way I do. It is now all up to me to actually change this list from “reasons I am” to “reasons I...
Karmen Palaciosa year ago
10 Signs You Are in a Verbally Abusive Relationship
I wish I would have read signs of verbal abusive before I got married, it would have saved me from so much heartache and so much pain. Words can hurt a person more then anyone knows cause it stays wit...
Amber Goddarda year ago
5 Ways to Win My Heart
I am writing this piece in terms of winning my heart as a person- not as a love interest because as open as I may seem, my heart is a fragile mechanism. I have worn it on my sleeve for years... It kee...
Nancy D2 years ago
Funny Valentine's Day Cards
Valentine's Day is getting close, and if you are super single you might want to take a look at some of these to lift the pain. Better yet, if your better half has a good sense of humour, maybe you can...