Whether written centuries ago or just last year, literary couples show that love is timeless.

Sharlene Alba3 hours ago
Exes and Oh's: The Finale
SERENA New Years Day. A day where people made resolutions for the new year. Some tried to lose weight. Some set financial goals. Some were determined to find love and make it last. For the five of us,...
Sharlene Albaa day ago
Exes and Oh's: Part 25
MARLEY Christmas was looking to be a lighter day considering I woke up to breakfast in bed instead of my obnoxious alarm clock. All Freddy's doing. Even though he was supposed to be resting and I was ...
Sharlene Alba2 days ago
Exes and Oh's: Part 24
SERENA "This isn't weird at all." Marley's sarcastic tone registered as I opened my eyes and caught her looming over me, while I laid across the grass on top of Gabe's grave. The sky was a warm blue t...
Madi Mable2 days ago
Always, Always, Always in Love
Dear Miss Hammond, I have a secret to tell you, and I haven't told anyone, not even my best friend Jimmy, but I am going to tell you. Okay, here it goes, I love you. Gah, there I said it! I have been ...
Sharlene Alba3 days ago
Exes and Oh's: Part 23
MARLEY They were hiding something. That much I could tell when Serena and Danny remained two quiet mouses munching on their food during dinner. They'd only been going to counselling for a few weeks, a...
Maddy W4 days ago
For my birthday I took Jared and Sylvia to Six Flags. After going on the Spinning Dragons, we walked to go to the Zumanjaro, the tallest drop tower in the world. We waited in line for around thirty mi...
Sharlene Alba5 days ago
Exes and Oh's: Part 21
MARLEY Freddy was being discharged from the hospital today. Just in time for Thanksgiving, which was only a few days away. There was still a lot to do and people to invite. I've only gathered half of ...
Sharlene Alba5 days ago
Exes and Oh's: Part 20
SERENA "Michael?" I called for him as I exited the hotel bathroom, holding onto my stomach from the nausea that had been plaguing me all week. I felt a fever coming on and felt like we should go back ...
Sharlene Alba5 days ago
Exes and Oh's: Part 19
MARLEY "Thanks for helping me out this weekend, Danny," I mentioned as we pulled up to the Casa Del Mar Beachfront Condo Hotel. The dark gray clouds were a sign of heavy rains fixing to come, which me...
Hanna Smith6 days ago
The Heartbroken Bear
The sky was grey, and the air was sharp. The winter bit at his hands, causing him to stuff them into the pockets of his wool jacket. The January winter froze every living thing outside. The snow cover...
Sharlene Alba7 days ago
Exes and Oh's: Part 18
SERENA I still love you. Those were the words that swayed the judge to Daniel's side, refusing to allow this marriage to be annulled when I presented my case and for me not to be granted the deed to t...
Sharlene Alba8 days ago
Exes and Oh's: Part 17
MARLEY Since the moment I had heard about Freddy's accident, I had thought about what to say to him. A million different words crossed my mind but none of them would hide the fact that I was still in ...
Sharlene Alba8 days ago
Exes and Oh's: Part 16
SERENA I hated hospitals. The overwhelming sterile and quiet sadness it held was too thick for me to handle. But I couldn't move from the uncomfortable seat I was in. Michael had fallen asleep on my s...
Queen Jordan9 days ago
Orange Skies
The silence hasn’t stopped since my last breath has escaped my mouth. I ease into my morning face. “No real being will love my impurities. They cannot see me as a half melted candle surrounded by wilt...
Sharlene Alba9 days ago
Exes and Oh's: Part 15
MARLEY Normally, I slept soundly, peacefully, with no worry in the world. Tonight was different. I could feel it in the air, in my gut. Something was wrong. Tired of tossing and turning, I got up from...
Leo Xu10 days ago
The Audacity of Silence
The Use of Language and Silence Against Forces of Oppression in Madeleine Thien's 'Do Not Say We Have Nothing'
Sharlene Alba11 days ago
Exes and Oh's: Part 14
SERENA My Saturday mornings consisted of sleeping in until noon and then doing some much needed laundry. Unfortunately, Daniel and I had to pay Whisper Street a visit and figure out what was next on t...
Sharlene Alba12 days ago
Exes and Oh's: Part 12
SERENA One acre, two stories, fifteen hundred square feet, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a front porch. Minus the married couple who made too many promises within its walls to keep up with them. ...