Whether written centuries ago or just last year, literary couples show that love is timeless.

Jayson Rich3 days ago
Stranger on a Bus
A Guy is on a bus, the same bus he rides at the same time to the same place from the same place while in the same seat just like he does every day. He's listening to music on his headphones while he h...
Jennifer Rubey4 days ago
Memoirs of a Depressed Girl Part One
hen I was seventeen years old, I tried killing myself. Only my family and a few close friends know my secret. It's not something I like to share. That particular time in my life was in all honesty, he...
Rachel Lesch4 days ago
Retribution: Chapter 33
Marianne sat in front of the mirror in Hélène’s bedroom while Hélène arranged her hair. The morning before, she had washed it using egg yolks and then sat outside in the sun to let it dry. Lemon juice...
Jayson Rich5 days ago
Life Shopping
"You're not trying to sneak something in there again are you???" The girl says, glancing over her shoulder, while reaching for a product on the top shelf to glimpse Guy again trying to slip something ...
Jayson Rich5 days ago
The Girl sits in Guy's lap on the couch, enthralled by his latest nonsense filled with romance and horrible anecdotes. "What's it like?" she asks. "Well, it's… it's…" he starts, then stops almost imme...
Hannah Kay7 days ago
Paper Towns and the Unrequited Complex
My name is Hannah, and I am an English major, so be prepared for a really strange perspective. Yesterday, as I sat among my fellow English majors in my Eighteenth-Century British Novel class with the ...
Shera Prague8 days ago
Halloween Games
“You hate Halloween?” The question comes up in the middle of lunch after the revelation. “I don’t hate Halloween.” Cassidy says, folding her hands in her lap, “I just don’t see the point of it.” “I am...
R.M.Ever. 11 days ago
Just a Letter
How did it end up like this? With him gone, and me empty? All I know is that I miss him. I know, I'll send him a letter! No, better yet, I'll take it to him. Then he'll know how I truly feel. "You rea...
Luna Alva14 days ago
The man turned away and started walking back to his car, his feet felt light, as if his whole body was floating. He had lived for so long and his mind was weak and shattered but he couldn't forget eve...
Troi Speaks14 days ago
I Leave You With This
She was the last thing I clearly thought about before I died. Every detail was precise; creating a phantom of her next to me that I knew I couldn’t actually touch. I couldn’t trace the crescent-like l...
Autumn G16 days ago
Lovely Pain
I can feel it, my heart is heavy and my eyes burning from the tears that passed through them a few hours prior to this moment. Choking on my nerves and the rock in my throat. While the knots in my sto...
Heidi Hughes16 days ago
Dear Grace
I love you, Grace. With all my soul and heart.
Jessica L16 days ago
The Coffee Shop
“Hello, welcome to Black Beans Coffee Shop. What can I get you?” Like a broken record, it was always the same question. This was then followed by the same dry and rehearsed response. Then, mindlessly,...
Olivia Najera17 days ago
"Sir?" Drake sighed heavily and refused to stand. "What is it?" "I need to speak with you." "Are you going to ask me to stand next? You know you aren't worth it." "Was I worth it that Thursday evening...
Mikayla Guyton18 days ago
Beautiful Nightmare
I cried last night. Not for the cliché reasons you may think, like a family member dying or a relationship ending. But merely because I have reached a simple realization; I am pensively incapable of c...
Caden Edwards19 days ago
Let's Go on a Date!
Buttons sat on their only spinning chair in the office. It was wooden and the wheels were squeaky but it worked rather well and it hadn’t broke, so it sat in their workspace. Knobs, Sniper, and Button...
j r23 days ago
Lost Session
Background information: This is supposed to be a therapy session. Two lovers, Adam and Kait, both end up at the same therapist and coincidentally talk about the same problem. This story goes back and ...
Jasmine Hope23 days ago
Left Me Broken
Kimberly Torrance looked at the promise ring on her finger. The ring that was supposed to hold unspoken promises, unbreakable promises. Yet, promises where broken and hurtful things were spoken, there...