Whether written centuries ago or just last year, literary couples show that love is timeless.

Brittany D7 months ago
Fantastical Magick: Chapter One
The wind blows hard through the summer grass. The high city buildings and rushing traffic begin making their sounds of the day. Loud honks of impatient cars, shouts of people trying to catch the buses...
Lauryn Thomas7 months ago
"You asshole!" I watch from behind a tree as the girl screeches at him, his face a picture of disinterest. "Calm down, you're going to upset other people," he said with a sigh and she spat at his feet...
Emily Chang7 months ago
5:30 PM
Sunday, December 31, 2017 It’s cold. I’m cold. The alarm is going off, but I’ve already been up for three hours and seventeen minutes. I turn to look at the clock. The screen reads 7:00 AM. in a neon ...
Dasha Bukovskaya7 months ago
White Noise
The sound of muted laughter and glasses clinking filled up the Gatsby-style ballroom. I sipped on champagne and reflected on my childhood based on the mannerisms of the people around me. Kids run arou...
Sharlene Alba7 months ago
Embers (Ch. 11)
ZACH "You're dating Rhiannon too?" Thea asked teasingly with a raised eyebrow as my brother brought the car to life and she buckled up. Rhiannon pretty much invited herself over after school and her s...
Nychole Lee7 months ago
Love You to Death (Pt. 3)
There Dania was, just as cold as the cold bathroom tile. She was alive. She could still feel that silent pain. She could still think and hear, she just couldn't get her body to comply with her demands...
Monique Star7 months ago
Perspectives of She Who Wished to Be Perfect
Cheri and I had never fought before. In fact, to prevent most conflicts in our relationship, we mostly resorted to compromises when we reached disagreements, we allowed each other to have social lives beyond our relationship, and she even recommended we keep locator apps on each other's phones to evade rapid texts asking where we were. I guess we weren't prepared for everything, though. She seemed really nervous for the past several months and I wasn't sure if I did anything wrong or if there wa...
Alice Schellinger7 months ago
"You're very quiet, Nini." His sudden observation broke me out of my reverie. I stopped gazing out of the cafe window at the passing cars and shoppers to sip my London Fog tea and take a nibble of my ...
Sharlene Alba7 months ago
Embers (Ch. 10)
Adolescence in Training Series
SKYLERIZED 7 months ago
Mohammad’s Fall
Various portraits lined the convention center on the Riverfront in Wilmington, Delaware. All of them depicted the image of the prophet Mohammad. He himself walked around the place like it was Jannah. ...
Arrow X7 months ago
Nata (Pt. 2)
I grabbed a pair of shorts from my closet and ran out with him. Our school didn’t have a gym, but there was a tennis court, basketball court, a soccer field, and a track field. We walked to the track ...
SKYLERIZED 7 months ago
A Dollar a Year
Green bills unfolded and folded in is hands. Jertavious Dawe spoke under his breath each count of the money. The dollars in ones and fives mostly, turned over like water off of a mill. The circulative...
SKYLERIZED 7 months ago
Who Gets the Spaceships?
Barton Scholes, a black man, sullen and beat from the divorce agreement, sits on his patio overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Bethany Beach, Delaware. Worth north of 250 billion dollars, this man had b...
Dylan Dames7 months ago
The Bay Wall
Two big seagulls swoop down on a French fry that floats in the sea. They wrestle with it, flapping their wings aggressively as the fry predictably splits in two. The birds fly away. I pick up another ...
Teya Hooper7 months ago
The dictionary describes words as "a unit of language, consisting of one or more spoken sounds or their written representation that functions as a principal carrier of meaning." Technically speaking, ...
SKYLERIZED 7 months ago
Representatives of Joy
Confetti and smiles appeared. In the Newark, Delaware convenience store where 72-year-old Myleesha Bunting had purchased the winning ticket. Swarms of news cameras and spectators descended upon her. V...
SKYLERIZED 7 months ago
The Egoism Pledge
The stylus moved. It moved like a staff striking into fertile soil. Only the soil was a digital tablet and the staff opened the gates for signees. Thirty-eight-year-old billionaire Elgier Ossett looke...
Brittany Medvetz8 months ago
'Light of Secrets'
I grab three bottles and take them to them. I hand one to each of them. "Thanks, baby doll," Lian murmurs to me with a wink. I roll my eyes and go back to the kitchen. I grab my glass of white wine an...