All you need is Love, and Love is all you need.

Selina Marie3 days ago
Autism and Neurotypical vs. Love & Law of Attraction: Our Journey
I am actually super excited (and a little anxious) about this post because I am going to be letting you into my life and telling you about some of the obstacles me and my partner face as a couple and ...
We met working in neighboring bars. When I first saw you, I didn't fall head over heels. You're very tall and somewhat pale and your cheeks are soft. Without your glasses, you can't see too well so yo...
JL Palmer4 days ago
You Loved Me Before I Loved Myself
Where does love begin? How does it start? What are the requirements needed for love to work? Maybe we don’t have all of the answers, but I find that most people believe that a girl must learn to love ...
Cheryl Marlowe4 days ago
Rainy Days
It was a cold and rainy day. I lay awake in my bed, under the covers with my head sunk into one of my huge, plush, luxury hotel-like pillows. My arm cuddled the other one as I listened to the rain. I ...
Arya's Song: Prologue
Sometimes love is confusing.
Jana Adaire5 days ago
Love Is Suicide
“Love is suicide" are lyrics from the band Smashing Pumpkins that my teenage self used to sing to. Being in my early thirties now, looking back on years and years of horrible life choices and even mor...
Kaitlyn Harker5 days ago
A Tinder Success Story
It’s not every day that you meet your soulmate. Especially on Tinder. Typically, people think of tinder as a site for hookups and, very rarely, a relationship. I know that I used it hoping to find a r...
Rebecca Black6 days ago
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams By: Rebecca Today is the day. I am going to ask out my crush to prom, AKA the most popular guy in the school, Jake! I am so nervous. What if he says no? What if he already has a date to p...
Nancy D7 days ago
10 Ways to Know Your Boyfriend Is the One
When I say "The One," it doesn't have to be marriage, because marriage isn't for everyone. However, I am suggesting an attempted lifetime commitment to one single person. In this case, it's my boyfrie...
Veronica A9 days ago
Understanding the Meaning of Love
We all know what love is... right? At least, we all think we do. We understand the main idea of love; the feelings we have for our parents, siblings, friends, and significant others. Most people, howe...
Emma Williams10 days ago
Champagne Scented Candles
I sit and watch as the glow of my champagne scented candles light up every inch of your skin. I can’t help but think of our hearts and bodies being intertwined; how valuable this is to me. It brings a...
Alex Lee10 days ago
What Is Love?
The girl that didn’t believe in love formerly turned to me and asked, “How do you know if you love someone?” I didn’t say at the time but in my head, I couldn't help but think of the past. One questio...
Morgan P. 10 days ago
Love, Empaths, and Breaking Obsessive Tendencies
I was reading a post by fellow Vocal writer Naomi Robinson who wrote a brilliant advice piece titled "The Empathic Mind." She is also a fellow Empath, like myself, and I find it fascinating that disco...
J D11 days ago
Dear You
We’re coming up on our three year anniversary and I don’t know how else to get my point across. You won’t text me back, you pretend like I don’t exist, but I don’t blame you. How do I tell you that I ...
Johanna Rose11 days ago
Fully Feeling
The evening summer light slowly grew brighter on our living room walls. It was the most beautiful time of day. All the outside bird calls and cricket chirps seemed to slow down and follow the sunlight...
Danyea Hays16 days ago
The Psychology of Love
In many societies, especially in the western society, love, whether it is between a partner, family member, friend or animal, is present. It is seen as a necessity and want throughout each individual’...
jenna kusler19 days ago
The Guy Across the Street
February 7, 2018 @ 9:25 PM
Quitina Foster19 days ago
What is love? Is it something that can be observed, felt, or touched? Is love something we show or feel? Does anyone know the true meaning behind love? Love is a feeling everyone has in their life fro...