All you need is Love, and Love is all you need.

Brittany Wenner2 months ago
To the Man Who Loves Me Next
For as long as I can remember, I have been a hopeless romantic. I love to be loved and to give love in return. And because of this, I have found myself in more heartbreaking circumstances than I care ...
Melissa Arambula2 months ago
You don’t start reading a book from the middle, you start on the first page, or you may even begin with the very last page. This story begins seven years after we met, on the most sweltering summer we...
Robin Hwang2 months ago
Holy Frail
Strangers... that's how everyone starts off. I love to compliment people, gas people to the point where I can leave an impression on them. I did that to her whenever she posted a cute picture on her S...
Chris Hansen2 months ago
Attachment and Resentments
We’ve all heard it stated, and probably seen it plastered in a multitude of social media outlets:“If you love something (or, as well, someone), set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn’...
Lizzie M2 months ago
I Love You
Their eyes locked together as they smiled and ran as fast as they could to the market. "I won," she yelled. "It was a tie, I guess," he sighed. She nudged his shoulder and giggled, walking inside. "We...
Morgan Gifford2 months ago
Transformation of Love
Love is humble and love is pure. Love is not a feeling but instead an honor. A commitment that must be withheld every single day. Love is the destiny to accomplish your dreams, and accelerate your fut...
Andria Nella2 months ago
Of Self Worth & Living Free
So we all have battles that we are facing. Our inner demons, you may call it, but nonetheless that thing that constantly weighs us down or makes us feel like we are never going to be good enough. I re...
Anomadvice 2 months ago
Not Being Able to Love
Love. Love is the most powerful thing, a feeling which is unexplainable yet the most extraordinary thing ever. The thought of caring and giving someone everything sounds like a dream, but what if you ...
Michaela Case2 months ago
Before You Can Love Others, You Have to Love Yourself; Bullshit
Loving myself has always been a back and forth battle between “I really do think I love me” to “I absolutely despise everything about me.” Although it may be a struggle to truly love and enjoy myself ...
Monique Star2 months ago
Song of the Heart
Is writing for the man of his dreams pointless?
Rose Blade2 months ago
True Love vs Fake Love
Everyone tries to find someone to love through the good times and the bad times. Not all of us come across this person until it's a time when we need them the most. This being said there are two types...
Benny Njuguna2 months ago
Factors That Determine a Healthy and Stable Relationship
Relationships are complex, however, it doesn’t mean partners cannot enjoy their companionship or togetherness. Challenges are part and parcel of relationships since there is no perfect relationship. W...
Jayden B2 months ago
To the Boy Who Loves Her Next
Thank you for choosing her. You must be one hell of a guy for her to choose you. I must admit, she’s almost unattainable, so for you to get her, you must be doing something very right. Here’s the thre...
Maurice Bernier2 months ago
A Letter to My One and Only Love
123 Any Street Anywhere City, USA 00000 February 1, 2019 Dear Beloved Angel of My Heart, Allow me to say something to you that I should have said such a long, long time ago. I LOVE YOU! I STILL DO AND...
Valerie Jane2 months ago
An Open Letter to My Boyfriend: A Piece of Me
For as long as I can remember, talking to me about my relationships or boyfriends would be like speaking a different language to me. I have never been the girl who believes in fate; I am a realist... ...
Abagail Rachelle2 months ago
Spun Out of Control
His name is Trent, he had my heart, for three years. He made every day beautiful. I was in a bad place and he always helped me. I was 15 when we met back in high school. W graduated together and we planned our life together. This is my story and this is only the beginning of the beautiful and painful life I lived. In high school, Trent and I were inseparable. We were the cutest couple in school, popular because we knew how relationships should be and we stayed strong. His eyes were hazel, he was...
This Is Us
When I was younger, I really wanted that “once upon a time,” “happily ever after” relationship. I wanted a “prince charming” to sweep me off my feet and love me unconditionally. I wanted a man who wou...
Michelle Werbeck2 months ago
I Promise
The waitress took our plates away from us as we sat and talked to one another in the restaurant. It was a small restaurant with dim lighting. An older couple was sitting at the table next to us smilin...