Marriage is not so much a word as it is a sentence–a life sentence.

Kimberly LU6 months ago
How to Keep a Strong Marriage
In the years of self help books, magazines and shows we still find ourselves more in need of help. One tip is ditch those books on how to save your marriage. They will not help you. They will only pul...
J.M. S6 months ago
Failing at Loving
I’ve spent the last week trying to wrap my head around what I’m feeling. The truth is, when I don’t notice, when I’m not making a conscious effort to examine myself, I just feel...numb. And this may s...
Charity Boyd6 months ago
Words for My Husband
I'm going to be sharing something really personal with you guys. And if you know me, you know that's not something that I do with just anybody. But I read this prayer I wrote a few years ago and I fel...
Ashly Arbes6 months ago
The Simple Things
When you run out of words, what do you have left? Your actions. Telling my husband I love him can be as simple as grabbing him his favorite pecan cinnamon rolls from the bread store. The look he gets ...
Victoria Farley6 months ago
17 and Engaged
I am sure that there are plenty of stories similar to mine about falling in love at a young age, wanting to get married and thinking that you have your act together because everything feels right with...
Melody Rodriguez6 months ago
The Secret to a Happy Marriage
What is the secret to a happy marriage? Are you married, engaged, divorced, or single? Whatever your situation may be, you know how trying a relationship is. The truth is, every relationship is differ...
Kaitlin Lee6 months ago
Being One with Your Other
As a wife to an amazing husband and mommy to the cutest little nine-month-old girl... I know life is hard. I have heard so many different circumstances and experiences that have made me reflect on my ...
Chelise King6 months ago
Married at 18
At the age of 17, I was verbally and sexually abused. A man I knew who was significantly older than I was took advantage of me. It was sick. Worst of all, he was married. He had a wife. A beautiful wi...
Mac Childs7 months ago
10 Laws of Marriage
My son got married this weekend. It was the culmination of months and months of stress, some family bickering, and a lot of planning hours that, in the end, didn’t really pan out the way anyone though...
Should You Leave Your Relationship?
Many relationships end without much effort to mend them, couples get frustrated and stop trying. Like most things in life, greatness doesn't come without hard work.
Nichole Gonzales7 months ago
5 Ways I Lovingly Tolerate My Husband
Sometimes I can get pretty annoyed with his antics... I can get so frustrated at the smallest things that I want to scalp him, because no matter how many times I say “The laundry basket is literally r...
Faith Porter7 months ago
15 Healthy Marriage Tips
Never go to sleep mad at your spouse. If you do, always sleep in the same bed. You want your spouse to know that even though you're mad at them, you still want to be the person they sleep with every n...
She Writes7 months ago
What's in a Ring?
If you are a follower of my writings, then you know I write a lot about relationships. Six years ago, I met this man, and in the beginning of our relationship I wrote a piece titled, "Keeping Mr. Righ...
Yuri Wooten7 months ago
5 Ways to Avoid Divorce
When you say "I do," to the person you love, you never expect to hear "I want a divorce" in any part of your marriage. Who wouldn't want to spend the rest of their life with the person they laugh and ...
Victoria Rodriguez7 months ago
Marrying Young
Here's my story before I rant on. I am about to be 18-years-old. My fiance is 19-years-old. We've known each other for a few years, and we met my freshman year. We talked for a long time, two years ma...
Kc Neville7 months ago
At First Sight
The brothers and sisters in Togo were wonderfully nice and very warm. The only challenge was I couldn't speak their language. My talk was scheduled for the coming 1952 assembly and I had no translator...
Sharlene Alba7 months ago
Life After Love: Part 17
Serena Today was the day we'd finally know Michael's fate in this drug trafficking trial. Perfectly inconvenient, if you asked me, since Daniel and I were supposed to renew our vows tomorrow. He might...
Savannah Aichem8 months ago
An Open Letter to My Husband
My husband. I never get tired of saying that even though I've said it at least a million times in the ten months we've been married. No matter what title you have held in my life, my friend, my boyfri...