Whether you're solitary by choice or simply unlucky in love, being single is complicated.

Vivian Wolph2 years ago
Crush #1
I wish we had more time. I never seem to get enough of you and you seem to only want samples. Our timing is always off. I have liked you since 5th grade summer prep school. And I like to believe you h...
Lara Alice2 years ago
The next summer my brother Levi became eighteen and left the house to go and live in Pearl’s old apartment with our cousin Rio. I was only fifteen, and couldn’t do much about it. It became really depr...
My Goddess Among The Stars
This is my first draft here so please be kind and also don't let anything slide I would like to get better. Here we go.
Charlene AG2 years ago
What Are Guys' Intentions?
As a single dating woman, I often wonder what is the guy's intention? Especially when we meet for the first time. There are so many thoughts that race through my mind. I wonder, does he really like me...
Pierre Roustan2 years ago
The Rise of Sologamy: Marrying YOURSELF and NOT Someone Else
This is a movement only getting traction just in the past year, and even caterers are seeing the writing on the wall, a completely new demographic opening up business everywhere: single women are esse...
Caroline Egan2 years ago
You're Only Fooling Yourself
Lies and relationships
Jasmine Davis2 years ago
It is often said, true happiness involves another person. Happiness starts with self-acceptance but self-acceptance is usually found with the help of someone else. All over the internet we see picture...
Holly colman2 years ago
Love After Baby If You Are Single
How do you feel? You must be tired, cranky, covered in baby puke and other things. Those things don't help a relationship, but they are perfectly normal. So if you are single already or want out of yo...
Jean Powe2 years ago
Where do I begin? I guess I should start at the beginning. It all started back in 2015. I had just moved back to Washington State from Arizona with my oldest and dearest friend. We rented a small room...
Beth Gibbons2 years ago
5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Seek Revenge on Your Ex-Boyfriend
Heartbreak is a bitch. We have all had our hearts broken. Have you ever had your heart broken in a way that makes you so angry, all you can think about is seeking revenge on your ex-boyfriend? Maybe h...
Beth Gibbons2 years ago
5 Things to Help Un-Break Your Heart, Once He Broke It
One of the worst things to go through in life is a break-up. You can be in a relationship with someone whom you believed to be "the one" and they suddenly turn around and rip your heart out of your ch...
NIKKI LANDRY2 years ago
Here's What's Going On
This is a story about the reality of a relationship and a Tiffany bracelet. It’s been 7 months since I was given the bracelet, the very same one he first put on the right side of my wrist. Yesterday, ...
Raven Aurora2 years ago
The Trouble With Not Respecting Womanhood
Let's face it: dating is hard. Since the advent of social media and instant gratification, however, finding a mate that stays interested in you for more than five minutes, much less for a lifetime, se...
Edward Anderson2 years ago
Don't Judge Me
June 26, 2015. The day that the Supreme Court ruled that marriage was a Constitutional right that should be afforded to all people, regardless of sexual orientation. It was a landmark day for gay righ...
You've Got (E)mail!
I just got back from an online date and had to share it with you… I don’t even know where to start! I had had a lovely day and was looking forward to having a glass of wine and catching up on a few TV...
The Interpolated Girl
For a very large portion of my life, I've felt like I'm just kind of here. Just existing. I've had this feeling for a while, but more recently, it's been hitting harder. It's hard for me to feel this ...
Susan McCord2 years ago
Dating Advice: Ladies it's Time to Ask the Men Out!
In the video above Dear Sybersue talks about women needing to change things up with dating in the millennium. If it's not working well then maybe it's time for the ladies to ask the men out! Guys have...