Whether you're solitary by choice or simply unlucky in love, being single is complicated.

Susan McCord2 years ago
Dating Advice: Ladies it's Time to Ask the Men Out!
In the video above Dear Sybersue talks about women needing to change things up with dating in the millennium. If it's not working well then maybe it's time for the ladies to ask the men out! Guys have...
J.C. Marie2 years ago
Moving Away From the Timeline
Dating is a practice that is often referred to as a timeline. You meet, you become friends, you ask each other on a date, you wait until the second or third date to kiss, you don't say I love you unti...
Vanisha May2 years ago
Physically Turned On, Emotionally Switched Off.
So my first blog is going to be about the issues and questions in the book that I’ve just finished reading, and as a sociologist and more importantly, as a single gal in the 21st century, I have found...
Guillermo Calvo2 years ago
Soliloquy In E Minor Sharp
"I'd really like to be drunk", he thought to himself, "but I've gained a lot of weight lately and I can't afford to gain anymore". It wasn't vanity, he just couldn't afford new clothes and he was pret...
Susan McCord2 years ago
Dating Advice: Are You Too Judgmental or Too Picky?
How would you describe yourself in 3 sentences?
How To Buy a Girl a Drink (Without Making It Awkward)
If there's one classic move that guys do at bars, it's buying a girl they're interested a drink as a way to break the ice. It used to be a good way to show that you're a gentleman, and that you want t...
Susan McCord2 years ago
Why Are Women So Full of Sh*t & Only into Using Men?
Dating is a nightmare in the Millennium and it needs to change!
Cil Borlaza2 years ago
How Far Can Love Travel?
Long distance relationship, or LDR, is a bitch. But, she's a bitch that you would want to be friends with. I've been in an 8-year relationship that ended because of long distance, or so I thought. It'...
Signs That You Legitimately Terrify Dates
Once in a blue moon, you'll meet someone who is great on paper but can't ever seem to get a girlfriend regardless of how hard he tries. Sometimes, it's not a guy who has this problem - it's a girl. Ei...
Susan McCord2 years ago
15 Most Common Dating Mistakes
Finding love can be a very difficult situation due to men and women not understanding what they are doing wrong. Here are 15 things to think about next time you are out on a date or thinking about get...
Dubraska Lima2 years ago
Embrace Your Singleness
My love life is a total joke, and I’m not mad about it. The reality is that I’ve never been the kind of women that WANTS to be in a relationship. When most of my friends were talking about their crush...
Susan McCord2 years ago
Important Things to Think about During a Divorce or Relationship Breakup
Dealing with a breakup of a marriage or long term relationship will always be a very hurtful time but it doesn’t mean you are a failure or your life is over. There are thousands of people in the same ...
Nicole Mak2 years ago
The Single Millennial’s Guide to Self-Discovery
At the risk of having my pending wedding invitations revoked, I have to start with the disclaimer that I’ve been in love, that it’s wonderful, and that I respect the couples that I know who truly comp...
Tracy Limon2 years ago
Find Another Pond
Dating is supposed to be fun but somehow we’ve turned it into a stressful and frustrating event. Have you noticed a pattern? Are you stuck with the same type of person over and over again expecting so...
Kristine Brown2 years ago
Why We Should Never Throw Away Photos of a Road Trip Taken With an Ex
"Yeah, one day, when you're a cute little old lady with white hair, you'll be telling your grandchildren all about 'that mean bastard, ____.'" I was eighteen at the time, and hurt that my boyfriend wo...
Kristine Brown2 years ago
Asking and Explaining
We know that infidelity often results in breakups, divorces and social stigmatization. Western society has frowned upon straying from one’s intimate partner, from the widespread reproach of public fig...