Whether you're solitary by choice or simply unlucky in love, being single is complicated.

Morgan H4 months ago
Why I Stopped Using Dating Apps
If you ask me what my “ideal man” is, I’d give you my well polished answer “I’m looking for a strong, "Viking" type guy, tall, with tattoos and a beard." Until recently I didn’t realise I actually wan...
Ashley Peterson4 months ago
Too Curmudgeonly to Couple?
One of the Wiktionary definitions of curmudgeon is "an ill-tempered person full of stubborn ideas or opinions." According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it's a "crusty, ill-tempered, and usually o...
Michael Thielmann4 months ago
Unrequited Love
This is a human experience that is very near and dear to my heart, particularly in recent months. I went through a difficult breakup with my partner of six years, who I still love and respect as a dear friend. I have to confess that my own lack of personal honesty and integrity were key factors as to why our romantic relationship did not ultimately flourish. After many months of soul-searching I realized that I was not truly in love with my partner. It was that simple, and yet I had not been hon...
Dbag Dating5 months ago
The Art of Dating: Paris vs. New York
When it comes to dating, Paris and New York are like two famous men: both come with reputations that precede them. On one side of the Atlantic we have have the elitist Frenchmen, self-proclaimed arden...
Michelle Schultz5 months ago
Being Single Is Horrible
Being a single is horrible. Not because being single is awful. Being single is an amusing and amazing time. It gives you the opportunity to relearn yourself and to determine who you want to be. Many h...
M F5 months ago
Why Being Single Isn't Bad
Everyone always talks about being single like it’s this horrible thing, but being single isn’t something that you should ever dread. It should be something that you welcome with arms open wide. I know...
My Truth 5 months ago
Being Single
6 Reasons Why Being Single Isn't so Bad
Yannick Taylor5 months ago
Single Is Okay
Single life is a unique experience. Being single can be fun, but it can also be annoying. Rest assured that although you are single it does not mean that you are miserable. Society has taught us that being single in your thirties indicates that you are miserable. This idea that being single in your thirties means that you are miserable is a farce and very unreasonable. This ideal has caused many of us that are in the 30 and over club to stress over finding the ideal mate and settling down before...
Maya Angelique6 months ago
Last summer I met a boy. On an app. I think I might love him. After I had experienced some traumatic events, I went to stay with my friend from my sophomore year in high school. She lives in a one bed...
Theresa Louise6 months ago
Single Life in Your Early Twenties
I don't want to speak for everyone in their early twenties, but trying to figure out if you want to be in a relationship or not is a tough decision. It's a completely different decade than 40 years ag...
Rosie Leone6 months ago
Rosie Rambles #2
To be frank, I’m probably the most insecure bitch you’ll ever meet in your entire life. I avoid mirrors whenever I’m out because I don’t want to ruin my day by looking at myself, but I’m extremely con...
The Anonymous Tip6 months ago
The Unattractive Life
I’m a rather average person. An average looking girl who lives a rather average life. I’m not someone you would actually notice. As a matter of fact, I went throughout my entire school years as someon...
Jessica Skye6 months ago
Love Myself
When your older sister who has been with her seemingly perfect husband for 16 years asks what you want for your 30th birthday and then suggests maybe a boyfriend...ah, jokes. But the thing about my fa...
Hanna Renevi7 months ago
To Feel Rushed in a Place Where Everything Is Slow
I live in London, in the centra of rush hour. I've lived here for the past two years, probably having quite a normal "Londoner life." I go to uni, I live in a house with my mates, I have a part time j...
Julie Chernesky7 months ago
Does My World Still Turn When You're Not Around?
One of my most unredeemable qualities is my inability to move on. While it’s not as bad as it used to be, up until high school I used to love people feeling bad for me whenever I went through hard times. I wanted to hold grudges for everyone who had wronged me growing up so that I could chastise them in my writing and artwork. If I were lucky and got famous enough to be on a talk show or win an award, the plan was to definitely make the point of calling them out on national television. As I cont...
Michelle Hill7 months ago
Moving On
I've been single for a good eight years now and there's a reason for that. I guess you could say I wasn't really ready for a relationship, even though I've been in a few throughout high school, and in...
Kristi Jacobsen7 months ago
32 and (Still) Single
I'm going to be straight—I'm 32 years old, and in my 32 years of life I've never had a long-term relationship. I'm not some closed-in, no-fun, thirty-two-year-old grandma cat lady (though I do have a ...
Patrick McInnis 7 months ago
Modern Day Manlessness
Is it just me, or has it become increasingly difficult to be a confident man these days? Now before you read any further this isn’t a sob-story of how no one understands me or some incel fantasy manif...