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Natalie Santana24 days ago
Does Social Media and Technology Conduct Isolation Within Users?
Cell phones, robotic pets, technology and all the advances that have come in the past twenty years—the past five years alone. The irony of everything is social media platforms. They're created to allo...
Laura Simonsa month ago
Loneliness Among People
"And so it happened that on a warm windy evening I drove over to East Egg to see two old friends whom I scarcely knew at all." (F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby) Loneliness among people is a noti...
Mason Palmera month ago
Annoying Traits We See On Social Media
Everyone is on social media these days, so it's not a surprise that some annoying traits have been started—and continue—to grow. Of course this is subjective to the type of person you are, but here ar...
Mj Angel2 months ago
The Savage World of Social Media
The Savage World of Social Media: How is it affecting you? By: Mj Angel There is a new phobia out there, and it has a great deal to do with social media. Social phobias are becoming more and more complex as we continue to integrate our world with our phones and their multitude of apps. But how is it affecting you? In this report, I will talk about: How social media affects your emotions How to moderate your social media And lastly, what to do if you have developed a social phobia in recent years...
Bones Hamilton2 months ago
Every day there’s either some new article, 13 things nostalgic listicle, or the same circulated article your parents and their friends and their friend’s friends keep sharing in solidarity of those an...
Anne Reboa2 months ago
How Often Do We Use Technology to Avoid People?
Type of Observation: Participation Observation Hypothesis: People will turn to their cellphones or laptops in situations they find awkward or uncomfortable. Findings: During the five hour participant ...
Cathy 2 months ago
How 'Tinder for Seniors' Would Help Senior Singles in Dating Over 50
What you want out of a relationship tends to change as you get older. In your 20’s, it’s often all about hooking up and having some fun before settling down. The need for a lasting relationship and a ...
Cathy 2 months ago
Dating App Like Tinder for Couples - There is a Tinder for Everything
Today’s dating crowd know all about Tinder and using your finger to swipe right on profile after profile. There are countless dating sites and apps out there, but few have captured the imagination of ...
Kendra Brea Cooper3 months ago
Courtship and Camera Angles
Tinder is now a huge part of our romantic imagination. “Swiping right” is a sign of approval and sex appeal, while our pictures stand in for the ever-so-important first impression. We’ve eliminated th...
Danielle McLean3 months ago
Relationship Expectations vs. Reality
People have conjured up a magnificent, dramatic, romantic, ideal relationship in their head that completely stops them from enjoying what is really in front of them. It is difficult to differentiate w...
Emma Knecht3 months ago
What's a Finsta?
In addition to their drug, it seems that every generation has their social media of choice. For millenials and Gen Z kids, Instagram is among the most popular app for smartphones, second only to perha...
Jefferson Jones3 months ago
My Private Soulmate
Attraction intertwines with individuals daily. It's natural for two individuals to cross paths. It takes patience getting to know the person before rushing into relationships. You finally established ...
Feeling Brand New4 months ago
Tinder Tutor
I'm not a dating expert and I don't specialize in this kind of stuff, this is just my opinion on Tinder and what I've encountered. I can't possibly be the only woman tired getting dick pics? And yes y...
Rebekah Gilmour4 months ago
A Conversation with an Uncovered 'Catfish,' and How to Identify Them
"So... what age are you really?" I asked, for the second time, after catching a guy who, for three days, posed as an 18 year old attractive gym junkie. "30." "You lied again, even after I caught you o...
sue null4 months ago
Breaking Free
Cutting the Facebook Mobile App from My Life
Marisa Bowden4 months ago
Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones, but Deleting Me on Facebook Won't Hurt Me
Right now in America, we have never been so divided by red and blue. We are tremulous to give our opinion, fearing that what we say will cause us to lose friends and become disliked. You can' log onto...
Lady Red4 months ago
How Cell Phones Have Destroyed Relationships and How to Fix Them
What did we ever do before we had that handy little thing known as a phone? In the old days, before we had these neat little devices, we were forced to communicate with one another by speaking or writ...
Leah 5 months ago
Snapchat Needs to Stop Being the New Phone Number
If one more boy asks for my Snapchat instead of my phone number I’m going to give up completely on meeting anyone! Being in my young 20s and a part of the Gen Z group, we are known to be all about soc...