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That Girl Is Perfection

Day in and day out, I tell her that all I want to do is make her happy.

Every day and every night, I tell her that I am not like the past guys that have hurt her. Hell, I tell her I am the real deal, a real man, because that is exactly what a girl as beautiful, special, and smart as her deserves and needs. Please do not think all I do is say I am trying and I will find a way. As soon as my ass wakes up, I get my two light blankets off my chest and I get up off the floor and I get to work. My life has been nowhere near easy. I fight for food and water each day. I wake up tired, I go to bed even more tired. When needed, I break all the rules stopping me from completing my hopes and dreams.

From the moment my eyes open until the second they close, I am at work. I don’t do it for myself, I do it for all of the people that depend on me being the protector they need, the leader they can look up to, the role model they can count on; heck, the one guy in their world that proves not all guys are the same. That last one is what I'm focused on the most. I don’t need the money to fill up my bank account, just enough to fill my pockets. I don’t need me to pull up in a speed car to my mansion, just let me pull up in my safe car to my little crib on the end of the street. Hell, I don’t need those fancy shoes, suits, and accessories, just give me my Michigan state and clearance shoes and let’s get to work. 

However, as of late, it’s like no matter what I try and how hard I try, I just fail. And I know no matter how hard I try, there is no way I can prove to her how hard I am trying. And to be honest, for him I am trying so much harder than anyone else ever could. But here I am, searching for a way to prove just how hard I'm trying. Day in and day out, I tell her that all I want to do is make her happy—no more, no less. Yet some nights it’s like I am the reason for her meltdowns. I hate to see my number one down, and I refuse to let her doubt herself in any sense. I don’t, I never, say something that I do not mean.

Everyone knows the main thing, the main person I care about is her. To be honest, there is no limit I won’t rise to. There is no rule I ain’t afraid to break. There is no rule that will hold me back from protecting her or from hurting the ones that hurt her. There’ll be nothing to get me to quit, nothing to stop me from trying to make sure not a single tear falls from that beautiful face of hers. I know I am far far from being perfect and I will never ever be any part of perfect, yet I know that girl right there doesn’t need makeup to be perfect. All that girl needs is that smile on her face. 

Actually, let me correct myself; that girl is beautifully perfect with or without that smile on her face. If that smile is on, then I know all is right with the world, and if it’s not, then I’ll drop everything and make sure one appears ASAP. That girl is simply amazing. That girl is beyond beautiful, smart, and special. That girl right there is perfection.

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That Girl Is Perfection
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