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That Old Familiar Rain

When The Rain Falls

In the wee hours of twilight the rhythm of the falling rain moves with a tempo whose melody is unmistakably somber in tone. The pitter patter beats a painful reminder of those yesteryears where bittersweet moments still linger in conscious thought. The gaiety of life was often subdued by tears of sorrow and woe. As I recall it was the tumultuous relationship with my parents that set me adrift in the sea of missed opportunity. Those were the days of struggle amidst hope. The decisions I made though affected more than just me. And, yet I keep paying a price for every day I threw away.

Now, that I am old and gray that old familiar rain has come back again and it surely knows my name. Visions of yesteryear where my youth slipped away reappear through a kaleidoscope of images where love almost conquered all. Some of those years were bittersweet while others drifted on by. It was when I was 39 time was not on my side. Back then the love of my life was soon to come to an end. That old familiar rain came once again and it surely knew my name.

Lisa was her name but that old familiar rain who knew my name had no shame. Once there was a great love but as the rains came the raindrops of tears started to fall. My shelter was gone and I had to move along. Someday the man I used to be will come along and just maybe call on me. But, until that day that old familiar rain keeps reminding me of the one that really got away.

A day will come when my there will be no more tears to shed and that old familiar rain will let the sun shine on in. When that day comes I will remember the good more than the sad. But, because I am just a man whose feet are made of sand I will have to weather the storm when that old familiar rain comes along. The world I used to know has been darkened by that old familiar rain. I know that soon this world will bid me go but until that day the shadow of your smile and the honey of your lips I will leave behind and remember that love is just a state of mind. I had always hoped and prayed that I could have been your man and truly love away your troubles. But, that old familiar rain kept pouring on down.

I hate to think it was not meant to be, but that old familiar rain unleashed its misery. The breaking of hearts where love used to be came about by the fury when that old familiar rain came crashing down. Caught in a whirlwind of emotion when the tempests blew by tearing us apart when the storm came about. I guess I can blame that old familiar rain who knew my name that all I have left now are just memories.

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That Old Familiar Rain
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