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That One Car Ride

(How I Got My First Kiss)

[There had been a bad snow storm at work and Chris didn’t want to wait for the bus. Dale offered to take him home since he didn’t live far away. We open in the front seat of the car, driving to Chris’ house.]

Chris: Thank you for taking me home, taking the bus would have sucked. It’s so cold!

Dale: It’s no problem, I’m happy to help.

[Silence, Dale begins to fumble for a cord.]

Dale: Here, I want to hear a song you’re currently obsessed with.

[Hands Chris an aux cord.]

Chris: What if you don’t like my music? I don’t want you to judge me, we work together.

Dale: Oh shut up! Play me a song.

[Chris plugs the cord into his phone and starts thumbing through his music. Suddenly music starts to play from the speakers, Imagine Dragons -"Whatever It Takes."]

Dale: Is this Imagine Dragons?

Chris: Yes, I’m completely obsessed with this song!

[Both boys start to dance to the song, singing the chorus together at the top of their lungs.]

Chris: Whip, Whip - Run Me Like A Race Horse

Dale: Pull Me Like A Rip Cord

[Laughter broke out once the song was over, they pulled to a red light and Chris took out his vape pen.]

Chris: Do you smoke at all?

Dale: Depends on what I’m smoking...tobacco no, ganja yes.

[Chris turned on the vape pen and handed it over as Dale zoomed off once the light turned green.]

Dale: How does it work?

Chris: Do you see that button? Hold it down for about four seconds and while you continue to hold it inhale slowly, then hold it in and slowly exhale. Just like you’re smoking a bowl but you push a button instead of hold a lighter.

Dale: Four seconds huh? Pretty specific there...

[Dale grinned at Chris causing him to blush.]

[After passing the pen back a forth Dale had put "their song" on repeat, Chris was smoking while singing. Dale couldn’t help but stare at him. Chris finally noticed]

Chris: Sorry, I just love this song.

Dale: You are utterly beautiful, do you know that?

Chris: Me? No... no, definitely not. You’re sweet for saying that.

Dale: You are. It’s true. So handsome, I can’t stop looking at you. How is it possible you are single?

[Chris shrugged and sunk down in his seat, guess now was as good a time as any to tell Dale the truth.]

Chris: I guess I’m just hard to handle..

Dale: What do you mean?

Chris: I’m not always a happy person, I swing up and down in my mood and I can be utterly irrational with my insecurities. You could be sitting right next to me and give me no reason to doubt you—I’ll still question if you ever truly loved me. Skin to skin could never be close enough for me.

[Extremely embarrassed now Chris twiddled his thumbs, looked out the window to realized they were outside of his house and sighed heavily. He began to gather his things when he felt a warm hand grab his and pull him across the car. Before he could blink his lips were pressed against Dales. Allowing himself to be vulnerable he gave into the kiss, holding it for only a few moments before pulling away. Chris blushed hard; he bit his lower lip and wrinkled his nose.]

Chris: Mmm. Wasn’t expecting that..

Dale: I just couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to feel your lips against mine.

[Silence fell and Dale new he had to say something.]

Dale: Even a broken window passes light through it. You can still see through it, you just see the world differently; maybe a more true world than the rest of us see. 

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That One Car Ride
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