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The Bachelor Party (Part 2)

Could he be falling for her and vice versa? The way he looked at her, could this be the last first?

Keith and the Girl

Making her feel more desire for him. They both loved teasing their partner, whoever it was. They loved going through the pain of waiting 'til they wanted and needed the reward, making it that much more pleasurable and worth it. Keith didn’t want to be the first one to give in, but her lips looked so perfect. These were the lips that you’d want to kiss every day and never leave them. they were small but shone with little glistening sparkles like the sunset reflecting off the ocean. They could now both feel the invulnerable spark that wanted to be lit. Remembering how the other’s breath filled them with life and giving each other glimpses of their love. They both leaned into what turned the spark into the flame.

Keith grabbed her waist, pulling her closer, looking at her delicious lips and her goddess eyes making her go crazy for him. Leaning in they finally kissed, letting their tongues search the other. Keith’s hands explored her body with gentle but rough hands down to her ass like he was playing the violin, but the pieces of clothing were still in the way of feeling her soft skin. Then bending his knees and both smiling from ear to ear staring into each other’s eyes he jolted her up holding her tight ass in the palm of his hands. Walking her slowly to the nearest wall which would put them out of sight to where the rest of the guys were still hanging out. They never met anyone else that both clicked within the first five seconds of the meeting without saying a word until after some more make-out sessions they realized what they really wanted and needed that night.

“I’ll see you guys back at the hotel!” Keith yelled to the group. He was about to leave for this woman who he just met. They walked out to catch a cab for the nearest hotel which was a five-minute drive spent with more conversations with their lips. Being the gentleman, Keith paid for the hotel room which was $350 a night. The two felt free. They felt like kids again with not a worry in the world. The $350 got them an executive suite which had a king size bed with snow-white sheets that were as soft as a marshmallow but silky as Vaseline.

The woman took Keith’s hand and led him to the couch just 8 feet from the door kissing him—she could tell he wanted her. He needed her. She gave him a flirty push which made him sit on the couch watching the show as she made herself to the kitchen while taking off her white crop top then stopped to take off her black miniskirt to let Keith see the black bra and panties she was wearing. She came back with two glasses of Pinot Noir and her black panties, bra, and her thigh high black boots.

“You’re a very beautiful woman,” he said, kissing her neck.

“Shh, pretty boy,” she replied putting a finger on his mouth. “I want you to tell me by not talking.” Now it was Keith’s turn to take his clothes off. He knew because she started to play with his black silk tie then unbuttoning his white-collar shirt.

“Wait!” Keith grasped from how deep they were in kissing. Keith looked into her eyes.

“What?” she asked.

Keith kissed her lips then took her in his arms, one arm underneath her legs and the other behind her back to keep her from falling. She stared at him realizing where she was being brought to. Not only that but the way he was holding her. Could he be falling for her and vice versa? The way he looked at her, could this be the last first?

Keith gently put her down on the master bedroom's king-sized bed gave her a kiss and then backed up to give her a show in return. She couldn’t remember the last time someone made her smile this much, but Keith loved it which made him smile back. 

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The Bachelor Party (Part 2)
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