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The Boys That Saved Me

These two are the ones that got my through the roughest spot in my life.

For those of you who don’t know them that’s my boyfriend and my nephew. This entry is going to be about them and how thankful I am that they were there when I needed them. Most people in life hit a low point. My lowest point in life came when I had turned 21. I got caught up in the wrong crowd and was partying and not caring about anything or anyone really. I was out of my abusive relationship and really all I wanted was to feel cared about again, but that was not happening for me.

 So instead I thought maybe if I don’t feel anything at all and just have “fun” it will all be alright. Well around January of 2018 I moved back to my home town and that’s when I started seeing my nephew Ezra more and more. It made me so happy to see him almost everyday and to just hold him and snuggle him. One thing to know about me is I have always wanted to have kids. Caring for my nephew daily really started to open my eyes on what was good about my life again, but I continued to go to the bars every night. Well soon the man I was always looking for was going to become a part of my life without me even realizing it. His name is Brett. 

While being out at the bars seemed fun at the time and I was spending time with friends the person that had my attention was Brett. A little back story that I will always find funny is from our high school days. Brett went to a different school than I did about 20 minutes from my home town. Well he ended up going to a school in my hometown. His class would come to my high school on certain days for gym class and he always caught my eye but I was in a relationship and never really talked to him. Fast forward a little bit and I guess I caught his eye too because he started inviting me to every party he was going to be at. I never got the courage to go so that’s where that ended. We talked a little here and there but nothing too serious to get really get to know anything about each other. 

Okay back to the real reason I’m writing this. So I’m out at the bars just about every night and one of my friends is snap chatting Brett trying to get him to come out. Sooo I then started to do the same. He comes out we start talking and things seem to be getting even better in my life. Brett and I hung out a few times with friends and just started talking pretty much non-stop. We start hanging out more and more just by ourselves too. One night that I will always remember was the night I got a little too tipsy and Brett, his cousin, and his best friend decided they would be the ones to take me home and make sure I got home safe. Well I was too tipsy to know where my apartment was and they couldn’t find it so they just took me to Brett’s parents house with them. It was from what I hear a rollercoaster ride trying get me to bed. I fell in his sisters bathroom and pulled down the shower curtain. I tried training his families puppy. And in the morning they could not get me off the couch to leave. 

Well even after all of that, Brett still stuck around. Now fast forward to February of 2018 and that’s when Brett really changed my life around for the better and saved me. Now I have never really had a Valentine, but Brett asked me if I wanted to do something for Valentines Day. Of course I said yes. I was so excited and sooo unbelievably happy. The night before Valentines Day I stayed at Brett’s house. He always woke up before I did and that morning he woke up and set up the sweetest surprise ever. He got me a card, bunch of candy, and 11 roses. He knows I have a problem with odd numbers, they just irritate me. Well he knew I noticed and said “You’ll get the 12th one tomorrow." I didn’t think much of it. Well that night rolls around and Brett, my best friend, and I are all going out to dinner (Her date wasn’t able to make it).

After dinner we met up with her date who was one of our friends. We all decided to go to one of our local bars because there was a beer pong tournament and a bunch of our friends were going to be there. Well things got out of hand really fast. One of the guys at the bar started to go completely crazy. He was fighting everyone he could. At one point I was across the bar talking to Brett and one of our friends. The next thing I knew I felt something smash into my knee and I hit the ground balling. I couldn’t move my leg it hurt so bad. Well everyone was freaking out and I couldn’t figure out what happened. Well turns out the same guy that was trying to fight everyone threw a full beer bottle across the bar at someone and missed and hit me full force in the knee. 

There were a couple of paramedics there that told me I should probably go in and be seen. So that’s what we did. Brett and my best friend helped me out to the truck and off we went. That is how Brett and I’s first Valentines Day ended. We just ended up going back to his parents house for the night. The next morning I wake up and Brett was up before me as per usual. I walk out and start putting stuff on to leave. I turn around to see this adorable dork with the 12th rose in his mouth. He walked up to me, hands me the rose and asks me to be his girlfriend. I of course said yes, and was over the moon with happiness. Ever since than we have inseparable. Now we have been together almost a year and do everything together. We go on the road together for his job and I couldn’t be happier. He came into my life when I needed him the most and hasn’t left me since. I will forever be grateful for the love we share. 

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The Boys That Saved Me
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