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The Breakup Letter

Final Words to My Ex...

You are the worst kind of human being that exists today. A complete waste of space and energy and the incarnation of pure evil and all that is bad. You are a succubus and a black hole where all hopes, dreams, and emotion go to die and be forgotten. You destroy all that is good and pure with the predisposition to somehow better only yourself or your situation no matter the cost. You are all that is hateful, harmful, disgusting, malicious, repulsive, spiteful, wicked, greedy, selfish, rotten, and poisonous. You don't care who you hurt or what relationships you destroy. You deny any and all accountability for your actions and decisions or the repercussions thereof, enjoying the pain, suffering, and misfortune they've caused others in the process.

To grant you a single moment of my time, energy, or existence was poor judgement on my part and one decision I will regret for years to come. All I have for you anymore is regret. You are blind to the repercussions of your actions and lack any form of (much less understand) empathy and/or sympathy for anything in existence but for yourself.

I will not forget you because now I know that wretched, salty, selfish, scabby, sour trolls such as yourself really do exist. I now know for a fact that there is pure evil in this world lurking and stalking for weak or vulnerable souls to prey on and feed off of. Though I may not recognize the next one instantly, I am now more aware and prepared than I once was.

I am now more aware that you have no care or concern for anybody but yourself, so I will refrain from telling you how deeply you've destroyed the loving, caring, giving person that I used to be. Just that I will make it a personal mission to make others aware of and bring attention to the damage you are ensuing, the havoc you are wreaking on the lives of people who used to be good and honest and the relationships you are destroying (all for your own wicked personal gain).

You are nothing but a Syren.

To hell with you.

I hope your worst struggles and challenges are yet to come. I hope you have yet to feel deeper, more excruciating pain than you ever have previously. I hope you learn the true definition of starvation, humiliation, persecution, one-dog night, and lonesomeness for the extent of your existence through nothing but your own personal future experiences. I have put it into the universe both in spoken and written word, so let it be.

You will no longer hold strength in my self impression nor any of my future oncomings. You are, and always will be, nothing but the past to me from here forward.

I use to wish the best for all that existed, but I pray to a power greater than ourselves for you to be eternally damned, limited only to pain and misfortune.

So let it be.

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The Breakup Letter
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