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The Fun of (Tipsy) Online Dating

The Fun of Swiping While Tipsy and Being by Yourself

It has occurred to me that many people take online dating very seriously. Not only is it a way to get a free meal or a drink (sorry men), women use it as a religion. Women that are truly searching for that special someone and go on dates actively finding ''the one.''  A lot of friends of mine have actually met their special someone through an app. Even my mother found herself a gem of a man on Tinder. 

Of course, it can also be used as a means to get (pardon my french) laid. Without all the effort of picking up a random guy at the bar or off the streets (hey, I do not judge). Basically, there are many reasons for one to swipe away. 

But... what if you have absolutely no intentions at all, besides having a really good laugh while accidentally getting a bit intoxicated by yourself? Then welcome to the world of online dating. This will be the biggest entertainment source while tipsy. How does one know this? Glad I asked myself this question....

It was the day before Valentine's Day and I was having my regular glass of red wine with dark chocolate before bed... when... out of nowhere... I got tipsy. When tipsy, I can have the most brilliant ideas. One of them was opening up the app "Inner Circle." This is supposed to be an upgraded version of Tinder in the Netherlands. 

So picture this, on my nightstand next to my bed, there's my wine, chocolate and in my hand beholds the iPhone. Probably played with the idea of online dating or was Valentine's day inspired (it was 13 February) and thought to myself... great idea. Let's have some interesting conversations and not take oneself too seriously. 

Shortly after my night took a hilarious turn. It provided me with real-life lols. Let's dive into some of the conversations, shall we? 

Starting with... burning water. Recently Americans burned pasta because they forgot to boil it with water. So this could be very believable...

The Fear of Rejection...

Do not think we would have lasted, honestly. 

Can someone please add this pick-up line to an official website for picking up people? Feel that this would be beneficial...

Hardcore Pick-Up Lines

I actually think that I should implement this in my bio.

This one I have actually implemented in my daily life when being hit on by younger men... ''Pulling a Madonna.''

What is age?

Honestly do feel that age does not matter, but it seemed as if he was asking for this response. 

Then we have the men whom are dominant on dating apps. A simple hello is too old fashioned for them... So of course, had to go along with it. 

Part 1 of Not Being Sarcastic

Part 2 of Not Being Sarcastic

FYI, this is the Dutch Inner Circle. ''Are you helemaal crazy geworden'' is, therefore, half Dutch and half English. Yes, very original. 

It was a pretty interesting pre-Valentine's Day. For those wondering if I actually managed to get a date out of this. The answer is obviously absolutely not. I have merely practised the skill of pick-up lines and entertainment. 

Also for ones asking if I am still in contact with these poor men, the answer is also no. Or I am not aware if they have replied, as the app is now safely tucked away on my phone and the streets of Inner Circle are ''S Proof'' (for now).

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The Fun of (Tipsy) Online Dating
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