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The Importance of Friendship

We all need at least one.

The average person doesn't usually go out on a quest to find a friend, usually it just happens. You are put in situations where you come in contact with people who you can relate to, you start talking, you both realize you actually have other things in common, and it's like BOOM—instant best friend. These kinds of friendships are the best because they're not forced—they are formed when you least expect it. I, myself, have made plenty of friends but not all of them have lasted.

My husband tells me I "attract the crazies" because most of the people I've become friends with over the years end up having ridiculous issues... The thing is, though, when I make a new friend, they seem like an amazing person (and they generally are) but over time it's like they turn into someone else. I guess the best way to put it is they show their true colors. I could become friends with someone, have a year long friendship, and then find out that they're a felon and they've killed x amount of people and they want me to try a new drug they invented. WHAT?! Who are you?? That's about how crazy it has gotten for me before! Maybe my judge of character is off? I really don't know... I love people, though, love making friends. Like my late father, I know no strangers.

Don't get me wrong, though, I don't judge anyone for their past. Many people have told me about their past upfront and that doesn't stop me from being their friend. I have family members who are/were alcoholics, drug users, convicts. You name it, I know at least one. What a person does/did doesn't faze me. I just don't like being blindsided by someone's secret life that they didn't tell me about. I don't enjoy building a relationship with someone and then finding out they're like a totally different person when I'm not around. Some stuff, especially if it's in the past, might not be my business and I'm okay with that but if it's something that could affect me then I'd like to know about it. Also if my friend is doing something that could put them in harm's way, I want to know. I want to help.

When I become friends with someone, that makes them my family. I want to be there with you through the hard times. When you want to crawl in a hole and escape everything... I want to be there for you. I'll be there through the good times too; when you're so happy your heart could explode, you feel like you're on top of the world—I'll be by your side. I don't know about others, but a friend means so much to me. There are times when you need your mom or dad, your sister or brother; but there are also times when you just need a friend. I have those moments often. A friend is like your go-to, the one you seek when you can't go to a family member or your spouse, and you just need advice from someone else who is still just as close to you.

Friendship really is important. A friend is someone to get you out of the house for a little while, even if you only go to the grocery store! My friend and I make many grocery store runs together. With a friend, you can drop your guard, unwind, and just be you. Yes, you can be you with other people you're close to, but not the same way as you can with your best friend. Currently, I only have one friend... but one is all I need or want. In high school I had groups of friends, but when you become an adult, it's harder to keep up so many friendships. Sometimes your friends drift away from you or vice versa, and it's just so much harder when you have work, kids, a spouse, etc. Having one friend, for me, is perfect and I haven't been looking for anymore (laughs).

Friends are also great because you can tell them all your secrets. A true friend will keep those secrets and never tell them. You can tell your friend how much you can't stand your boss, or how big of a pain in your ass your husband can be, or how your kids drove you up the wall today and they just sit there and laugh and listen to you vent. I'm blessed to have a great friend, and I hope I never lose her.

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The Importance of Friendship
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