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The Lost Art of Humanity...

... Invasion of the Pikachu!

We are all part of the same universe. The selfishness needs to stop, guys and gals!!

Humans have a fatal flaw: their nature. In modern-day London, there is an unusually high rate of murders taking hold. As it stands, on April 5, 2018, for the year so far we are at 46. 

For the first time in modern history, according to the BBC, we have passed New York's murders.

I can't help but look at the world, its life, and its species inhabiting; all I can think is: are we the only species that are so quick to kill one another without rhyme or reason?

Humans have no respect these days. You can talk about how it is the Millennials or an overgrown sense of entitlement, but, in my opinion, that is a cop-out. We can enforce and teach respect, yet everyone feels they should just have it. Teens in gangs believe they should have it as soon as their name is mentioned or fear the consequences. 

Older generations believe it is theirs for the taking as soon as they receive their bus pass. Due to sacrifices some members made, then it is deserved. They are heroic, but it's less and less of those people.

You also see it on the roads. Particularly car drivers, taxi drivers, and white van drivers are widely known for their attitudes when on the motorways—quick to believe it is theirs, but not so quick to dole it out, which feels more contradictory.

In my view, respect earns respect. If you are respectful to me, I will respect you. Living mantra for all of us in our house is generally, "I don't care if you are gay, straight, Black, White, tall, short, fat or thin. I hate everybody."

Or conversely, the golden rule for religious studies, "Love thy neighbour as thyself."

Loosely treat others as you wish to be treated. Yet nowadays, treat someone well and they will walk all over you. "Nice guys finish last."

Now, humanity is all out for itself. Thinking of looting in all of the chaos and anarchy, humankind has had its fill of decency and goodness. So now we are at survival of the fittest and it's awful.

Not to toot my own horn but I feel like a dying breed. I am the first to admit, I haven't always been a decent individual and I know I am no angel. Now, I make a conscious decision to be nice and respectful to help others. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be at my own expense.

It isn't conducive to aiding my mental health battle because kindness feels more like a weakness—a value no longer, but an exploitative quality to further personal advantage, whether real or imagined.

That leaves the rest of us thinking that maybe now, our way is the wrong way.

I wanted to piece in the concept of respecting the wrong person, but I would be wrong. Unfortunately, as others do, I trust too easily and it results in a strong loyalty and respect. Sometimes this is wrong. Everyone deserves respect in one way or another.

Politicians, unscrupulous as they may be, deserve it. It isn't for us to decide who has the right to be respected just so long as it's earned. We don't have to trust or respect easily, but people can be in with a chance.

Yet in that sentiment, I find it hard to differentiate between the two. I trust someone I respect because I put my belief in them and I think a lot of people do that which is why there is so little respect; because of this constant lack of trust.

We want to be strong, we want to be invaluable, and we want to be right.

So we trust when that is broken we made the decision in packing that horse. Bottom line, we were wrong and in such a competitive world filled with bad losers but also ungracious winners, we want to be the bigger, better person.

When we are wrong, it is supposedly another weakness. Something the 21st century human shouldn't show: vulnerability.

So that means at the expense of courtesy and respect, we have gained an ability to exploit or be exploited emotionally. 

Not particularly human, more animalistic.

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The Lost Art of Humanity...
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