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The Mask

The Face Behind It

That beautiful mask I wear upon my face, like who am I going to be today?

Will I be the perfect girl or will I be that beautiful disaster? Will I be that person that I normally am or hiding in the shadows? Will I be who I really want to be? Or will I be what others want me to be?

The mask helps me hide all the flaws and all the scars. All the damage that he caused me and mainly to protect me from myself and from my broken pieces. The mask was made when I couldn't face my fears. When all the days blur together and all you have are tears. She wore that mask so well that she didn't know who she was at all.

But when she met her match someone who wore a mask just like her, she always wondered what was his reason? She always wondered what was he hiding what was he afraid to show? He was amazing he had so many talents. He did have one flaw every time things got rough he would hide back under that mask.

There came a day when they promised no more mask was being wore no more pretending, pretending to be who they wasn't no more pretending anything it was a time to be free and to help each other along that path. With their hands intertwined they made that promise no more hiding from each other no more pretending when they were okay when they quite wasn't.

She took off her mask and show the world how beautiful she was and how amazing she was she had been hiding for so long. She felt free to take that thing off, her passions came back, her love for things came back and her emotions we're back. All the things that she couldn't do that she didn't believe that she could do. They all came back and then some she was a beautiful force to be reckoned with. That mask she had even if she tried to put it back on it would never be able to cover ever again what she was.

He, on the other hand, had no clue who he was without the mask. He was a lost little boy that only knew how to run and he did it so well. The thing is with running, you're not running to something, you're running away from something and that lost little boy is going to continue to run. He had a beautiful plan laid out but every time something got bad he would put that mask on to pretend everything was fine.

With that beautiful girl she's done wearing that mask. She's done hiding. She's done pretending to be what everyone wants her to be, and for that she is finally free.

But still they made that promise. She promised to keep the mask off to him. And he promised to try to keep that mask off. She showed the world how amazing she was. He put the mask back on in here from the world.

You can wear all different kind of mask. You can wear the actor that waits for that performance. You can wear the sympathizer that feels for everybody's pain. You can wear the pleaser that does what everybody wants them to instead of for what they want. You can wear just a mask to where you don't have to show yourself. Sometimes you can wear all of them. Question is when will you take off the mask? And who are you without the mask? Do you know who you are?

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The Mask
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