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The Memoir of a Pre-Teen

The Pains and Agony of Being a Pre-Teen

(DISCLAIMER): everything I write comes straight from my opinion and my point of view.

Hello, my name is Audrey and, as you would expect from the title, I am a preteen and I hate it. It’s not exactly the definition of hell, but it sure is not something I look forward to day after day.

One of the biggest pains of being a pre- teen for me is my classmates. I could write a whole book about my classmates and how horribly they treat me, but that wouldn’t really do much for me. The first thing that drives me crazy is the lack of respect that my classmates give me.

So, basically, I have a friend who is searching for his sexuality, and a good majority of the time, whenever he tries to talk to my classmates, he gets made fun of it teased for no reason. They then claim he is mean to them. I personally don’t like being a bystander and I like to fix things, so I stepped in and suggested not talking to each other, pointing out that they look ridiculous arguing with each other for no reason. What I was hoping to get out of this situation was an end to the fighting, but instead they acted bored and annoyed with what I said. I was so disappointed. The fact that my classmates refuse to accept their mistakes and always have to be right is ridiculous.

The second thing that gets under my skin is of course the fact that they judge everything you say or do. The idea of girls who aren’t perfect that think they are perfect are judging you for entertainment aggravates me and gets on my nerves. I could just be a pessimist, but I feel like this is something common all pre-teen girls go through. I don’t have any stories to share, I just find it stupid.

The last thing that I find annoying is the lack of respect my classmates have towards their elders. Whether it’s their parents, grandparents or even their teacher, they show a large lack of respect. My classmates are so oblivious to the amount of work and attention their superiors put toward them, and they treat them like crap. 

I realize it sounds like I just wrote this to complain about how horrible my life is and how horrible my classmate are, but I realized I can't do anything to change them. The main reason I wrote this because I think that everyone knows that the average pre-teen isn't perfect and goes through a lot of things within their head, but I wanted to have a fellow pre-teen's input on how I see things from my point of view.

What mainly worries me is that people will take my input the wrong way and claim that I think I'm perfect, but I will admit I am not perfect. As for my classmates, they come off as though they think they're all that and that they are superior to me. Again, this is all my opinion and all from my point of view. 

I will admit (again), I am a wee bit of a pessimist and I am a negative person, but there are major key elements that bring me joy (which I might write about in the near future). Although there are various things that make me happy, my peers are not. The three things that I wrote about is just the tip of the iceberg for me, and I could go on for days on end talking about how horrible my classmates are. 

I think the pressure of high school is already stressful and can cause lots of anxiety, but also the thought of girls judging you and making assumptions of who you are is a lot of stress already. Fortunately for me, I have been raised by three older sisters who I am very grateful for. They have warned me about what to expect growing up and facing the challenges of moody, two-faced girls trying to bring down your spirits. 

Another large challenge of being a Pre-teen is the threshold of childhood to teen hood. Once you step in, you can't escape, and so I recommend you to embrace your childhood as much as possible. I have met numerous young girls who act older than they are, when they could be enjoying their childhood. Those girls are blind to the idea of teenhood and the fact that it's not all about boys, gossip and fun. From what I have been through, its mainly about struggling to get good grades and getting into the high school of your dreams. they also should know that there arent any shortcuts through the scary life of "teenhood". You will get greasy skin and zits, you will become attracted to boys, and you will gossip or be gossiped about. its really not the "teenage dream," and I think the best thing you can do is be aware of those around you and make sure to take breaths of reality, because that will make you more mature and will help you know how to hang out with the right people.

In conclusion, being a pre-teen isn't fun (trust me i know from experience), and there are no life hacks to get you through it. As long as you are mature and smart about the decisions you make you will be just fine.

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The Memoir of a Pre-Teen
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