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The Moon King

"Why can’t we just be together?"

Laura sat by her window looking up at the sparkly night sky, she wished she could be closer to him. She wanted to combine herself with him so badly she was willing to do whatever it took just to breath in his air.

“Why can’t we just be together?” Laura said looking directly at him.

“Because I’m here and you are there,” Aibek replied.

“Yes, but one day we will be together, I’ve witnessed so much in my time I cannot let you go,” Laura climbed into to bed and the door creaked open.

Her mother walked in to see if she was doing okay. “Laura who were you just talking to?”

Laura looked to her mother and said, “The moon king.”

The next morning Laura felt miserable, Aibek wouldn’t appear till the night. Laura had fallen in love with the moon, people thought she had gone mad, but she was never bothered by rumours. In her heart she felt as though they were destined to be together. She met with John for a day in the garden, he was her long-time friend and together they were good.

“It’s quite beautiful here, it’s just so peaceful and safe,” Laura said.

“It really is beautiful,” John said smiling at her.

The garden was decorated with exotic flowers and trees filled with fruits, it was truly a magical place.

“Come on I have a secret hiding spot,” she took his hand and they went up to a cliff, studying books about astronomy and stars, until it was it was night and Aibek would return.

“Hello Aibek, I’ve missed you,” she looked up to the night sky and saw him.

John felt sorrow for her, looking at her tired face he pulled her closer to him, took off his coat and put it around her.

“Laura, I love you,” he whispered and saw that she had fallen asleep on his chest. He wished he could tell her he loved her.

The next night she had returned alone. Wind rippling through her hair and clothes, the loud noises of streets dancing and cars honking. Nothing could stop her, not one single thing could stop this moment.

She looked up at the sparkling moon and said, “It is finally time I give myself to you.”

Heart pumping fast and breathing heavily, as she was about to jump off the cliff, someone grabbed her arm.

“What are you doing?!” John lifted her up. “What are you thinking, you could have killed yourself?!”

She looked messy and red. Her hair sticking to the sweat on her face.

She moved the hair off her face and looked up at John, face scrunched with anger. He could see the purity and emotion in her teary eyes and mapped out every beautiful detail of her face.

“Why did you do that?! What’s wrong with you?!” she began to punch his chest.

He grabbed her hands to stop her, holding her close to his chest he whispered, “It’s okay, it’s going to be okay.”

It was then she felt the warmth she did not know she needed her whole life. He was all she needed and this time he was not part of the sky, he was already with her.