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The Promise

Chapter One: The Accident

While holding hands, Ethan and his girlfriend McKenzie walked around their quiet neighborhood. They came across a giant black gate with a huge broken lock around the rims. Ethan noticed the warning sign but kept it to himself because he didn’t want to scare McKenzie. It was an old abandoned amusement park.

Ethan looked at McKenzie and asked, "Can we go in?" with excitement. He smiled and made his eyes big enough to get her to say yes. His brown eyes are one of her weaknesses.

McKenzie looked back at Ethan and said, "I don't know babe. The sign says it hasn't been opened for about 20 years." She pointed to the small rusted sign leaning against the brick wall attached to the giant black gate.

Ethan grabbed McKenzie's hand and begged, "But, it's open, and we'll get to ride the rides together without waiting." He made his voice innocent enough, so she couldn’t say no. He had to stare at her for about 10 seconds before she gave into his puppy looking brown eyes.

McKenzie looked at her surroundings to make sure they weren’t being followed. "I guess we can ride one." She gave into Ethan but wanted to make it clear that they would ride one ride and then leave before they get caught. An uneasy feeling crawled down her spine. She didn’t want to go into the park knowing that it was abandoned for about 20 years, but she didn’t want to make Ethan sad.

Ethan smiled, "Thank you!" he said happily and kissed McKenzie's left cheek.

McKenzie placed her right hand on his chest and said, "But, you have to promise you won't let go of my hand!" She stared straight into Ethan’s eyes.

He felt the fear dripping from her eyes. Ethan kissed her lips and said, "Baby, I promise I won't let go." He grabbed her right hand, slid it from his chest and grasped his fingers in between her fingers.

McKenzie smiled, “Okay, let’s go!”

They jogged to the nearest roller coaster together. Ethan pressed the go button, and they hopped into the cart and quickly slid the holding bar on their laps. McKenzie kept her eyes on the sky ready for the wind to blow back her hair.

Ethan noticed a chunk of the track missing. He tightly gripped McKenzie's hand and said, "I love you!"

The next few minutes flashed before their eyes because they were laying on the ground. McKenzie opened her eyes and saw that Ethan wasn’t moving. She tried to get up but her bruised legs wouldn’t let her stand. She heard a strange screeching noise coming from above her. McKenzie looked up and saw the cart hanging on the edge of the broken track. It was slowly sliding off the track piece. McKenzie gasped and realized that if it falls, it would fall on top of her and Ethan.

McKenzie pushed Ethan back and forth, "Ethan?" she said in a panic. "Please wake up!" Her eyes started to water, and she felt her heart tighten.

Ethan didn't budge. McKenzie wiggled her body to move to safety. She crawled forward using her elbows. Once she got far enough the cart started to fall without warning. She twisted her body looking toward where Ethan was laying. “ETHAN!!” McKenzie screamed. She covered her mouth and busted out in tears.

McKenzie lost energy from crying and passed out. Three hours have passed. The owner of the park walked through the area to inspect the surroundings. He noticed the broken track and the cart on the ground. He sprints to the scene and discovers red spots. Immediately he calls the police. The police arrive twenty minutes later with an ambulance. They inspect the cart and take DNA samples of the red spots they assumed were blood.

One of the policemen noticed a body of a female. He called over the other policemen, “Is she alive?” asked one of the policemen. “She seems to be breathing. Let’s take her to the hospital!” The other policemen replied.

McKenzie is sat on a carrier and wheeled into the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

The policemen and owner at the scene were cleaning up the damages as well as inspecting what had happened. Detective Aaron grabbed his notepad and pen to ask the park owner, Jeff, some questions. “Why did you decide to come back to the park today?” Detective Aaron asked. “The subject of reopening the park came up in a conversation I was having with my girlfriend,” Jeff replied. Detective Aaron wrote each answer Jeff gave into his notepad.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, McKenzie is laying out onto the bed with an IV in her right arm. She is still passed out and as pale as a ghost. The doctor assumes she is in shock of what had happened as well as dehydrated from the load's amount of water lost from crying. McKenzie's family has been notified. They rushed straight to the hospital as quick as they could to see her. The doctor said, “McKenzie is alive and being well taken care of. She has a few scratches from the accident. She’s still asleep, but you may see her. It’s uncertain when she’ll wake up.”

Her family is guided by the doctor to the room McKenzie is resting in. Her mom, Sue, walks up to McKenzie's resting body and holds her hand. “My baby girl, you’re safe now.” She whispered holding back tears. Sue’s phone rings. She answers without hesitation and says, “Jack, she’s here. She’s alive!” Sue starts shaking and can’t keep a grip of her phone, so she sets it down on the bedside table and puts her phone on speaker. “That’s great to hear. I’m on my way now. This traffic is horrendous. Please call me as soon as she wakes up!” He pleaded.

McKenzie opens her eyes a few hours later. She looks around the room, “Ethan?” she whispered. She tries getting up while gripping the sides of the hospital bed for balance. Before her feet reached the floor, the doctor walks in with McKenzie's parents. Jack walks up to her and says, “I’m glad you’re okay, baby girl!” McKenzie holds her dad's hand and says, “I’m happy to see you too dad. Where’s Ethan?”

A moment of silence settled in the room. Jack tensed up but took a deep breath. “Ethan is…” he paused choking on his words. He knew telling her would break her heart. He kissed her forehead holding back his tears and left the room.

“Mom? What’s going on? Where’s Ethan?” she questioned. McKenzie started shaking and thinking of the worst. A cold breeze whistled against her arm. She already knew that the news would not be good. Her mom held her hand and kept her head down to avoid eye contact. “Don’t worry, he’s resting in another room right now. You’ll see him when he wakes up.” Sue took a small breath. McKenzie smiled, “As long as he’s okay.”

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