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The Reality of Living in My World (Ch. 5)

Chapter 5: Who Wears the Crown

"I adelfí sou tha érthei sýntoma edó! Your sister will be here anytime now!" a woman shouted running back and forth as servants tried to clean around her, "This is a first in what? Fifty? Sixty years?"

Ariesella sighed twirling her medium length ombre hair, "Mamá, it has been ekatón penínta chrónia. It is not that big of a deal really."

"One-hundred-fifty years?!" her mother said panicking, "The place must be pentakátharos! Spotless! Apsogos! Immaculate! She is never here. She needs to see, so she'll want to stay."

Ariesella was never one for the pleasantries of being at home. The times were few and far between. Though when she was, she hated being around her mother. She spoke in Greek whenever convenient, never let them leave without an escort, and worst of all was trying to force them into arranged marriages. It infuriated her to no end. Nothing matter to their mother, but marriage to someone of power and strength was all she wanted. Love was considered the worst of all weaknesses in her mind.

Nothing about Ariesella or Artemoria would make their mother happy. They were the two youngest of their seven siblings. Ariesella shuddered at the thought of her other siblings. She was older than Artemoria by a year and a half, but Artemoria was always saving her. Time after time, century after century. Her younger sister was her savior. They were an inseparable pair, and nothing could break them. Until Darien came along and ruined everything.

"Páo na páro tin", Ariesella stood up and walked to the door, "I'm going to get Artemoría. Don't wait up for us."

"Oh dear! You can't go now." her mother said, as a servant brought Ariesella her shoes, "Your patéras will be home soon. Ópos kai ta adélfia sou. As well as your siblings. Don't you want us all to go greet Artemoria?"

"Efcharistó, thanks, but no," Ariesella said, taking her shoes and putting them on, "I doubt Artemoria will be happy to see everyone."

"That's why I'm going with you." A voice boomed in.

Ariesella knew this voice all too well. In walked a man about six foot five with silver-blonde hair. He was her eldest brother, Kosmos, the favorite and twin to her eldest sister, Eileen-Finn. They got along very well and seeing him made the trip almost bearable. Kosmos was strong, commanding, but also soft and caring. He made everyone feel important.

"Megálos aderfós! Big brother!" Ariesella ran to her big brother, "Ohmygosh! I'm so happy to see you! Where is Zenovia!?!"

Kosmos smiled and embraced his sister, "Oh my dear mikrí aderfí! How I have missed you, little sister! Glad to see you're home for once! Zenovia will be here so-."

"Now, my mikrí aderfí!" a woman with short curly brown hair said entering the room, "Zenovia is in the spíti!"

Ariesella abruptly let go of her brother and rushed over to his wife, Zenovia, "Yes! Hello! Now you have to come! Artemoria will be so excited to see you!"

Her brother cleared his throat, "Well, den prépei na páme, e? Shouldn't we be going, huh? Her jet will be here soon."

Ariesella and Zenovia clasped the hands of each other in excitement. It had been over a century since the three of them had been together. Now, things could be like they were... well, almost. There was a reason so many people from around the world were coming so far for a meeting. Ariesella knew it had to be one thing: a marriage proposal. Not simply some proposal; it was going to a big one. It had to be, and that wasn't good either.

Out of all seven siblings, four were married, and three were unspoken for. That meant the proposal was for either Arisella, Artemoria, or the other brother Icarus. She didn't like the thought of being forced into a match. It may have worked out for her other siblings, but it was for her. No way, no how. She knew Artemoria and Icarus would feel the same, but their family was known for being pushy and making sure they got their way. Slowly the three of them descended the stairs and made their way to a silver sports car.

Ariesella crossed her arms, "We're not all going in the clown car, are we?"

"Ochi," Kosmos said, opening the passenger door for Zenovia. "No, we're riding separately. You know Mama wouldn't have let you go by yourself. You're Ariesella Kal'Obelius. No matter what names we go by now or in the future. You know who you are and how powerful our name is."

"Aderfós," she said as Kosmos closed the passenger door, "What is this meeting of all these people for? Pes mou se parakaló. Tell me, please. Is it for marriage?"

Kosmos sighed a deep and heavy sigh, "Naí. Yes, unfortunately. You, Icarus and especially Artemoria. Mother has given you a lot of time and now she feels that time is up. She has matches made and ready for you all to meet. But you can say no, aderfí."

She felt the tears filling her eyes, "Ochi! Ochi! Aftó den boreí na symveí! Den boró na to káno aftó! Afíste tous na me kánoun na to káno aftó, o megálos adelfós! Sas parakaloúme! Kai ti gia tin Artemoría? Den tha epistrépsei poté xaná sto spíti an vrei! (No! No! This can't be happening! I can't do this! Do let them make me do this, big brother! Please! And what of Artemoria? She'll never come home again if she finds out!)"

"Calm Down!" he said holding her in his arms, "You can say no. It's okay. I won't let anything happen to either of you, okay? Do you trust me?"

"Nai, of course!" she said as he wiped her tears, and opened her car door. "Do you need someone to ride with you? Or drive for you, Ari?"

"No, I've got this," she straightened herself up, and got in the car, "I will not let this beat me, and Artemoria damn well won't. Not without a fight! Now let's go get my badass mikrí aderfí!"

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The Reality of Living in My World (Ch. 5)
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