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The Third One Is The One

If you have been wondering when the right one will come, this is for you.

Everyone has had their crushes and relationships since they were very little. We date and have fun, there is nothing wrong with that! At some point we have had our hearts broken by someone whom we loved, by someone we thought we would be with for a long time, possibly forever. Does not matter if it was in middle school, high school, or college. That very first serious heartbreak can destroy everything. It can destroy you, your view on love, it can make you depressed, it can do so much damage that you were not ready for. You go from having someone by your side at all times, to realizing you actually had no one if it wasn't for your significant other. 

After a while, we all try to move on. We finally get over it or even if we don't, we move on and try to date other people. You find someone else, everything is going great and you are in love once again. A couple months go by, you think it's going great until one day... it is all over. For whatever the reason might have been, you are single once again. Yes you might be sad, yes you might think you are never going to date again, and yes you will hate all guys/girls for a while (at least that's what happened to me). The only difference between your first and second heartbreak is, you learn more and experience more with your second heartbreak. You learn about what you are actually looking for in someone, you take a longer break from dating (what I did), without even realizing this, you figure yourself out. You have more knowledge. You know what you are worth, you know what you want for your future, and the type of person you want around your kids. 

Although not everyone goes through this process, I think it is very important to. I think it helps if you take a break and focus on yourself, your future, your school work (if you are still in school), and really gain enough confidence to realize exactly what you are worth so you know to never settle for less than what you want! If you just go from having a heartbreak to dating anyone who comes your way, that is not really going to help you, you know why? Because, no matter how much fun you just had with this person or how much fun you had on that little date, at the end of the day you will go home, you will sit there and start thinking about where you went wrong, you will start thinking about your past again and that is the problem, you need to move forwards not backwards and once you do that... nobody can tell you otherwise about anything! If you are sitting there wondering or sobbing about why you are single or when the right one will come... STOP. The right one will come when it is least expected. You can't go looking for the "right one". How do you know you are even looking in the right places? how do you know where your "right one" could be? How do you know the right person for you didn't just leave the country to go on a vacation all the way across the globe? you don't. Do your work, have fun, go out with your friends, get your nails done, just focus on yourself and be patient! Don't worry about anything else or anyone else and you will soon see what I mean.

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The Third One Is The One
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