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Tinder Tutor

Can we just all agree Tinder is not easy?


I'm not a dating expert and I don't specialize in this kind of stuff, this is just my opinion on Tinder and what I've encountered. I can't possibly be the only woman tired getting dick pics? And yes you can't send photos through Tinder but if you link your Instagram or Snapchat, then well, you are getting dick pics. I mean there's nothing wrong with it if you ask for the dick pic... But just receiving it with no warning, it's annoying. It honestly turns me off from Tinder completely. Men, y'all need to work on how you approach women also, I'm not saying all men. I'm tired of the first message you send is talking about my big ass titties or the basic hey that's followed up with all one word responses. I like when a man inboxes me and says something like, "Hey I love your eyes. How has your day been? Let's get to know one another." To the people who are on Tinder just for sex, that's awesome, but let it be known. Don't tell someone that you are just looking for friends or want something more, and then just fuck her at your mom's house, feeding her pillow talk and never talk to her again. Ghosting is stupid if you don't want to see anyone again just let it be known, but ignoring someone or leading them on is pathetic. 

Group photos are super annoying. I get it, not every dude likes selfies but get photos taken of you or take some. Because sometimes I swipe right because I thought it was your friend and you don't want to hear that. Let's be real. When a woman says she's "taking a shower," "smoking a blunt," or "watching TV," the wrong response is "Without me?" ... Hello, yes without you, we didn't have plans, if you wanted to have plans we could have made them. It's just such a basic response and it's boring. Also, saying, "Tell me about yourself," without having questions or things you'd like to know about that person, it's annoying . Try actually asking questions about what you want to know. It shows you are actually intrigued. Safety first, and I've broken these rules a few times but it's also put me in awkward situations. 

Rule number one when first meeting, do it in a public place. Rule number two if you don't like to use the app or they don't and want to text, use a free texting app. Give out your phone number only once you've really gotten close and trust them. Rule three, if you are going to their place make sure if something happens you can get yourself home. Rule four, don't get too drunk at the first meeting, you need a somewhat clear mind to take care of yourself. Rule five, watch your drinks!!! If you are drinking make sure it's always in your vision. People really do slip drugs. Speaking from a personal experience, don't go to some dude's house you just met from Tinder... to do any hallucinating drugs. Especially if you do not have a car. Tinder is not all bad, I've met some cool friends...had some great sex and went on cool dates. But there are bad sides to Tinder if you are not careful. I know sometimes the people may seem boring, but eventually you'll find that one person who will actually be interesting. To the people who catfish on Tinder, it is really not cool to think you are meeting one person and find out it's the total opposite. If you want connections you need to be true and yourself. There's someone out there that probably thinks you're a star.

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Tinder Tutor
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