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To My Person

Thank you for everything.

I think we’re all blessed with a person who understands us in a way that we sometimes don’t understand ourselves. I have had many friends in my life. I’ve outgrown people. I’ve chosen to sever ties with toxic people, no matter the length of the friendship. I’ve moved away from friends, but I’ve been blessed with one friend who has grown with me, stood by my side and been there through everything. She is the definition of a true best friend, and I couldn’t be more thankful for her.

Our lives have taken us in literally every direction you could imagine! We’ve had health scares, marriages, the military, cross-country moves, I’ve had a child, and nothing has wavered our friendship! She’s been my rock through the best and worst times of my life. She’s seen me through depression, on nights when she would come to my house and we wouldn’t speak a word. We’d watch TV until I ended up falling asleep, but her company meant more to me than anything. She’s stood beside me in my wedding that ultimately ended in divorce and she was there every single step of it— she wrote me more than my ex-husband did when I went to Basic Training. She came all the way to Texas to see me graduate Basic, and then again came to Mississippi when I graduated my job training for the military. She was there for me even after I moved across the country to Washington. The miles never mattered, she was there. She watched me meet and then marry the love of my life, and she was always supportive. They say you lose friends when you have a child... My child has an aunt now. She came every day to the hospital when we were there and she was there the night he was born. She loves him like I do, and there are no words to describe how thankful I am for that.

The point is, she is my person. She’s there no matter what. I know I can call her anytime of day and she’d come help me in any way she could. She is the most amazing woman and I value her friendship more than anything! She is more than my friend, she is my sister. There will never come a time when I wouldn’t reciprocate the same love and support that she’s given me all these years! I can only pray that we stay friends through every season of life, but seeing as she has stayed through my journey through motherhood, I don’t see anything ever breaking our bond! I am so blessed to have her in my life and I don’t know where I’d be without all the love, support, hugs, “love you bye”’s when hanging up the phone, “text me when you get home” when we leave somewhere, the tears, prayers, everything. She is the person everybody should want in their corner. She is amazing and I am so proud of her. Working and going to school like a pro, all to achieve her goals.

You were handpicked to be my best friend. I truly believe that God wanted us to be friends so we’d have each other through all the troubles we’ve faced, head on, together. I love you, I love you, I love you. Thank you for loving me and being my person. Through thick and thin, come hell or high water, you’re there... Thank you for ALWAYS being there. You’re the best and I’m a better person because of you.

Love and Light,

Olivia—Your “Person” 

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To My Person
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