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To the Boy I Was Made to Love

You are my forever.

To the boy I was made to love:

I believe each soul was made to have a mate. I was made for no other reason than to love you.

I was created with piercing eyes to drive you crazy and an energy to drive you wild. My lips were crafted to best fit yours. My body was perfected to fit the curves of your fingers. My hands sculpted to hold yours. I was raised to the perfect height to fit in your arms night or day.

I’m amazed by the fact that your heart is bigger than your brain. You always do what is right, even when you get confused. I love the music you listen to and the style you create. I’m engulfed in your soft eyes that scare the hell out of me because who knew anything could make so much sense. I love your smile of wonder. The smile that is more than just happy, it’s excitement and joy. I love you for every moment you love me back. It’s allowed me to step back and watch you conquer everything you need to. I love you for kissing me the way no one else ever could and creating a spark of inspiration into my soul.

I hope you know, no matter what you go through I’m gonna be right there. Even if we are just two people from the same state, even if these moments break. I’ll always care for you, I’ll always crave you. I am so proud of the man you are and the man I know you will continue to be. When I look at you I notice your ocean eyes. It’s like there is a light shining in them. A light of love, fire and determination. I know that when the world decides to give up on you, when you're about to fall, I will do everything in my power to make sure you're up and standing on your own two feet. Because you, YOU, are the greatest man to walk into my life. YOU are the first man who loved me without second guessing. YOU are my very best friend, through thick and thin.

When I describe you to people, I tell them how you love life and always seem to find the good in situations. You know how to walk with two feet and dance with two left. You keep your head held high and walk with a confidence that is contagious. I’d tell them that you are so brave, fearlessly strong, like a superhero. I’d tell them how much love you have, but how cautious you seem to be when it comes to giving it out to some people.

The moment I knew I was meant to be with you was when I looked at you. I just knew, those eyes are the ones I want to look at forever. Those hands, I’ll always want them against my skin. I crave moments with you. Running from my town, hiding out and finding a new adventure every day. I knew I was made for you because in unexplainable ways, I love you. In times I look at you being your complete, authentic self and I am astonished that something so extraordinary exists. When I see you proud of yourself for accomplishing a goal, I am wowed, wanting to better myself. I am my best self because of you. I get to see you find yourself in every beat.

I promise to you, my perfect gift, that until the day I die, I will fight for you. I will pray for you, cherish you, and forever be in awe at the greatness you bring to the world around you. I love you.

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To the Boy I Was Made to Love
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