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Top 5 Valentine's Date Ideas on a Budget

Does showing the one you love truly have to include satin and rose petals?

As someone with plenty of love and affection, I personally love to show others, especially on Valentines Day! Although we all come to a common dilemma: Money. The truth is, money doesn’t show affection and, of course, never will. Here are five ways to treat your significant other, best friend, or anyone you think deserves a very special Valentine.

1. Crafts

Crafts are an excellent and heartwarming way to show someone you care. A handmade card, drawing, or even something as fun as making tie-dye pillowcases together can be so significant.

Photo via Pinterest

2. At Home Movie Night

Depending on your significant other’s or special someone’s preferences, movie nights are an extremely fun and intimate way to show someone that you care. Pick out a couple of their favorite movies and let them choose which one they’d like to see, or even have a movie marathon! This can be as simple as turning your very on living room or bedroom into a comfortable fortress of entertainment.

3. Baked with Love

This may not be the perfect answer for everyone, but definitely many. Food has been known over the history of humans to evoke loving, caring, and intimate relations with many, especially with loved ones. Find out what your special someone’s favorite treat is, or even find something simple and sweet. Bake cookies, brownies, a cake, or even make a no-bake cheesecake! The thought and love you put into these baked goods, whichever you chose, will definitely show your someone that you care and find them oh so sweet!

Sally's Baking Addiction

4. Step outside that comfort zone.

I, for one, do not consider myself an outgoing person, which can be extremely frustrating when attempting to express my emotions. This is why taking a step outside of your comfort zone for the one you love is so important. This could be anything—depending on your comfort zone. Do something your significant other has always wanted to do with just you. That doesn’t mean a Caribbean cruise or exotic destination. Just show them the true comfort you have in their presence.

5. Music makes memories.

Everyone’s music taste and preferred genre is different, but every couple has a song, be it with a friend or fiancé. Find a song in either of your playlists that you both love, find calming, and meaningful. Connect your phone to your speaker, turn up your radio, or whatever. Once you find your song, come together and just dance. You can slow dance, rock out, head bang, or even just swing together. Music is one of the very few things that brings people together every single day.

Photo via Pinterest

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Top 5 Valentine's Date Ideas on a Budget
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